GeForce NOW: only 4 games added this week, SHIELD TV still on sale

Like every Thursday, NVIDIA unveils the novelties of GeForce NOW, his service cloud gaming accessible on a bunch of devices, including very soon from Smart TV from LG. This time, the catalog is not likely to explode, only four titles are added, but there are some interesting things. Without waiting, here are the four games … Read more

[รีวิว] Now, We Are Breaking Up, a familiar plot with a rating of 19+.

A story of love and breakup where the word ‘farewell’ is written, but instead means ‘love’ through the lives of a man and woman in the world of fashion and photography. that they both have their own paths and hearts Now, We Are Breaking Up Now, We Are Breaking Up tells the love story of … Read more

The vaccine now does the robot, without using the needle

Needle-free injection technology was developed at the University of Waterloo, Ontario. The developers said that the robot “Cobi” successfully performed the first autonomous robotic intramuscular injection. The robot uses a high-pressure jet, no thicker than a human hair, to inject the contents of the vaccine deep into the arm tissue. Using LiDAR sensors, the same … Read more

The tick population can explode! – News Milliyet

Hande Atılgan / ANKARA – In the study on the Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF), which affected the north of the country and the regions where agriculture and animal husbandry is intense in the past spring and summer, extra precautions for the endemic regions where ticks are common and innovations in the clinical tests required for … Read more

Michał Dworczyk e-mails disclosed Gazeta Wyborcza Wojciech Czuchnowski lobuz

On Monday, the Confidential Conversation website revealed screenshots of an e-mail exchange saved in the mailbox Michał Dworczykin which Tomasz Matynia, director of the Government Information Center, on April 6 last year. presented the prepared answers to the questions of Wojciech Czuchnowski z “Gazeta Wyborcza”. Czuchnowski pointed out that on that day, paid government announcements … Read more

an alleged risk still raises doubts and now two countries have vetoed its use

While the Sputnik V vaccine awaits the approval of the World Health Organization to be incorporated into the list of immunizers approved by the body, an extra stumbling block it has gotten in the way of Russia’s race for global acceptance. Strictly speaking, it is an “old” questioning that has once again gained relevance after … Read more

The Last of Us: Part II Now Available on PlayStation Now

Sony has on the PlayStation Blog announced that The Last of Us: Part II, Fallout 76, Desperados III, Amensia: Collection, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, Yet Another Zombie Defense, and Victor: Vran: Overkill Edition are now available to play on PlayStation Now. Sony has announced that these titles, with the exception of The Last of Us: … Read more

Atta Halilintar’s Club Lost, Gibran Says Stay Desperate Don’t Get Enthusiastic – After giving psychics several times before the opening of Liga 2, the Mayor of Solo Gibran Rakabuming Raka now making fun of YouTuber Atta Halilintar’s team, PSG Pati. As is known, in the match in Liga 2 host, Persis Solo managed to beat PSG 2-0. Both goals from Laskar Sambernyawa (the nickname Persis … Read more

The Kinotavr Prize for Best Actress went to Olga Bodrova // Watch

The Kinotavr Grand Prix went to Nikolai Khomerika’s The Sea Worries Once. About a young man and a girl who retire in the forest to look into the future of their life together. The same film brings the award for Best Actress to 23-year-old Olga Bodrova, who continues the famous film dynasty. This evening in … Read more