Record in sight! Djokovic will end the year as number one if Nadal declines to play in Sofia

Serbian Novak Djokovic He is one step away from finishing, for the sixth year in his career, at number one in the ATP rankings. Although only one detail is missing to make it official, and it is a decision of the number two in the world, the Spanish Rafael Nadal. The Hispanic, mathematically speaking, can … Read more

Apple stops signing iOS 14.0.1 while iOS 14 surpasses iOS 13 in number of installs

Just over five weeks after the presentation of iOS 14 the new version of the operating system of our iPhone has exceeded the number of iOS 13 installations. Meanwhile, Apple stops signing iOS 14.0.1 after correcting several errors in version 14.1 and, above all, bringing support for the new iPhone 12.

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500+ and creditworthiness. Significant income and … number of children

A person applying for a mortgage must meet two basic conditions: Have your own contribution · And have – in the opinion of the bank – the necessary solvency to repay the loan granted with interest on the dates specified in the contract. According to the S recommendation of the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority, its … Read more

The enigma of the real number of deaths from covid-19 in residences in Madrid | Madrid

The second wave is being much less deadly in the residences of Madrid according to the Community, but it is impossible to know how much because the regional government has never counted the total number of dead residents. We only know how many die from covid-19 inside residences (there were 5,954 in the spring wave … Read more

NBA: Deni Avidja, the European sensation who “has dazzled” the Warriors as number 2

NBA Israel may be the draft sensation Deni Avidja after being MVP in the European sub 20 FIBA Lthe Warriors they don’t want to waste their nmero 2 del draft and they will even be willing to profit from it in the form of a transfer if they do not find what they are looking … Read more

The 2020 NBA Draft continues without a clear favorite to number one

The Minnesota Timberwolves face a complicated challenge under unprecedented circumstances. The 2020 NBA Draft will be held on November 18 via teleconference and the Minneapolis franchise still it is not clear who will be his choice at number one. The COVID-19 pandemic has delayed the course and, therefore, the rest of the dates of the … Read more

Six provinces concentrate the largest number of Covid cases

Public Health authorities reported a considerable reduction in coronavirus cases and deaths in the last week, with bulletins indicating that the highest concentration of infections is in six provinces. From Friday, October 15 to Thursday, October 22, there were 20 deaths from the pandemic and 2,424 new cases, for a cumulative 2,212 deaths and 122,873 … Read more

Number of bitcoin wallets with more than 100 BTCs hits 6-month high | News

According to a report Published yesterday by the analysis company Glassnode, the number of bitcoin wallets with a balance greater than 100 BTCs currently rises to 16,159, thus beating the previous record reached on June 8. Furthermore, the study also has unveiled that 31,913,344 bitcoin addresses have a balance greater than 0, making this figure … Read more

Iran announces 337 deaths from coronavirus in one day, a record number – La Razón

The November 3 presidential election in the United States is narrowed down to a handful of key states that will decide the race between Democrat Joe Biden and Republican President Donald Trump. Trump secured victory in 2016 by winning in Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Arizona. But now he appears lagging behind in … Read more

WHO and UNICEF warn of the drop in the number of vaccinations

“COVID-19 has made pre-routine vaccination a daunting challenge. We must prevent further deterioration in vaccine coverage and urgently resume vaccination programs before children’s lives are threatened by other diseases. We cannot trade one health crisis for another, “said UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore. However, the concern about vaccines goes back years. Before the emergence of … Read more