Lucky number 16/8/65 “Black Ant”, worshiping ceremony, pouring Thonglor Buddha images, 3 incense numbers, complete panels

Lucky number 16/8/65 It was here at the beginning of August. “Black Ant Kachapha” with many entertainers Has traveled to film the program Kachapha Pae Mu in the area of ​​Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, with Aof Rawiphat Jirasakwatana and Dr. Amnuay Justice leading the team. Nang Phaya Temple, Pak Nakhon Sub-district, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, … Read more

Major chip corruption. The 1 billion dollar fund was supposed to make China the hi-tech number one, but it infected its bosses with gold fever

Saturday July 16th, it was still a good day. Wearing a short-sleeved shirt and trousers tied with an elegant belt, he made his way to the podium to the lectern, which was decorated with equally elegant decorations of white flowers. “Jiwei 2022: The Semiconductor Summit,” read the sign on the counter and the large displays … Read more

Germany: Double-digit number of banks may have “serious problems”

Raimund Roeseler. press pictures. Photo: Bernd Roselieb / BaFin advertisement advertisement The German banking sector is facing gloomy times. Påstanden does not come from Hvem som helst, the Executive Director Raimund Röseler in the German Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht). In an interview with Handelsblatt says Röseler that rising market interest rates can create … Read more

Scary dollar forecast from the famous economist Selçuk Geçer! “The dollar will find that number in September…” Here is the annoying statement by Geçer

Famous economist Selçuk Geçer continues to publish new videos on his Youtube channel. The famous economist’s predictions and claims about the economy fall on the agenda like a bomb. Selcuk Geçer’s posts on his Twitter account are flooded with likes and comments.

5 Animals That Can Change Sex, Number 3 Only Occurs 1 in 10,000

loading… Some animal species have both male and female sex organs that function simultaneously. Even the sex organs can change from female to male or vice versa. Photo/Treehugger JAKARTA – Multiple species animal have male and female sex organs that function simultaneously. Even the sex organs can change from female to male or vice versa, … Read more

The total number of hospitalized Covid-19 patients increased to 276 over the weekend

Since Friday, when 250 hospitalized Covid-19 patients were reported, their total number in Latvia has increased to 276, according to the National Health Service (NVD) collected information. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Out of 276 patients, 129 have Covid-19 as the main diagnosis. Out of them, 120 patients with moderately severe disease are … Read more