New demonstration against the war: over two hundred Ukrainians in support of their country in Porta Nuova – Photo

Many yellow and blue flags, white doves drawn by children, banners asking for peace for the Ukrainian people who are suffering under the bombing. On the faces of those present, pain, worry, suffering and anger. Ivan Bloshka and Inna Koshul are among the referents of the Ukrainian association which is collecting material to send to … Read more

The Fiat Nuova 500 at CES 2022

ELECTRIFICATION SYMBOL – If between the 50s and 60s the Fiat 500 became a symbol of the Italian economic boom, today there is Fiat New 500 becomes the starting point in the electrification process of Fiat. For this reason al CES 2022 in Las Vegas, the international fair dedicated to consumer electronics and new technologies, … Read more

Here is the first Volvo Recharge station: ultra fast charging arrives in Milan Porta Nuova

A few months ago Volvo had communicated the desire to create a ultra fast charging network, which had the neighborhood as its starting point Porta Nuova of Milan, where the Volvo Studio is also located. Yesterday the inauguration of the first station was held, located in Viale della Liberazione, with the presence of Michele Crisci, … Read more

500 Iride is born, the first electric scooter on a Nuova 500 base

The great automotive giant Stellantis imagines a green future for our cities, where technological innovation and respect for the environment can go hand in hand. From this mission, the Mopar and Fiat teams set out to build 500 Iride, consolidating the collaboration that has always binded them and giving birth to a new electric scooter. … Read more

Unicredit, London and Monaco traders moved to Porta Nuova

About sixty white-collar workers, with their families, are about to take up a home in Milan. Most of these finance men and women are Unicredit employees in London, while a third comes from the Munich office. These are traders specializing in commodity, currency and derivative trading, the ones you see in films like “The Wolf … Read more

Forza Nuova, on 20 October in the Chamber in the Chamber the motion to dissolve it. FdI announces an alternative “against all subversives”

Will land on October 20 in the Chamber in the Chamber la motion of the Democratic Party – also signed by Movimento 5 stelle and Leu – che it commits the government to adopt “the measures within its competence to proceed with the dissolution from New strength and of all political movements of clear neo-fascist … Read more

Rampelli, FdI: “Agree to dissolve Forza Nuova if the Social Centers also dissolve”

Simona Granati – Corbis via Corbis via Getty Images Honorable Fabio Rampelli, Vice-President of the Chamber, did you say that FdI will vote on the motion for the dissolution of Forza Nuova? I was referring to the motion of the center-right which starts from the just condemnation of violent attacks on the headquarters of the … Read more

After the Forza Nuova website has been seized, the Rome prosecutor’s office launches two investigations. Two suspects for the clashes remain in prison

The website of Forza Nuova was seized, while the prosecutor of Rome opened two investigation files on the clashes that took place on Saturday in the heart of the Capital. The investigation into Saturday’s clashes comes to life in what are called two “levels”. One concerns the organizers of the raid in the historic headquarters … Read more

Assault on CGIL headquarters, Conte: “I invite Meloni and Salvini not to feed ambiguity. There are prerequisites for dissolving Forza Nuova”

“We cannot accept that there are actions and aggressions of this type in our country. I think that Forza Nuova is dissolved. Last night there was a new assault on Umberto I Polyclinic and for this we will join the demonstration on next Saturday. We will reiterate that despite the emergency that the democratic dialectic … Read more