NVIDIA calls games from leaked GeForce NOW list “suspected”

Yesterday internet the news spread that the Ukrainian dataminer IGHOR found in the database GeForce NOW a bunch of various games, including exclusives PlayStation and Nintendo. NVIDIA pretty fast released Official statement. NVIDIA is aware of an unauthorized published list of released and / or alleged games that are used for internal tracking and testing … Read more

80% of players have not upgraded the RTX ray tracing graphics card NVIDIA: does not affect the release of the RTX 40 series | XFastest News

Since the RTX series of graphics cards were first introduced in 2018, NVIDIA has been vigorously promoting ray tracing graphics cards for 3 years., There are indeed dozens of games that support light chase, but it is still too early to be popularized. From the statistics on Steam, although NVIDIA occupies the dominant market share, … Read more

Nvidia GeForce NOW documentation reveals the stuff!A variety of 3A games are ready to go to the cloud

(Photo source/Pixabay) According to foreign media “The Verge“Reported that Nvidia’s GeForce Now server accidentally released a list of thousands of games, which revealed that many games that have been on the market and not yet on the market will support the GeForce Now streaming service. (Image source/extracted from Github) The report pointed out that although … Read more

“God of War” on the PC version of GeForce Now has a false alarm, NVIDIA refutes nothing about it | 4Gamers

In the past few days, the tumultuous “God of War” PC appeared in GeForce Now rumors. NVIDIA came forward to confirm that everything was only an internal test and did not have any official release or game release intentions; the access to the list has now been closed. This NVIDIA statement obtained by PC Gamer … Read more

Nvidia GeForce Now leak testifies that “God of War” and “Demon’s Souls” are on their way to PC

Updated: Nvidia has made an announcement that says that the leak is real – but obviously unauthorized – and clarifies further by saying that the existence of games on the list does not mean much. Nvidia elaborated in a statement to Wccftech: “Nvidia is aware that there is an unauthorized list of games, with both … Read more

God of War: Kratos and Atreus are heading for the PC? Clues spotted at NVIDIA

Game news God of War: Kratos and Atreus are heading for the PC? Clues spotted at NVIDIA Published on 9/13/2021 6:41 PM The God of War license was certainly one of the most anticipated games at last Thursday’s PlayStation Showcase. The game, which will be released on PS4 and PS5, punctuated the last minutes of … Read more

Conspiracy in series: Actors allegedly computer animated – News 2021

The rumors about a computer-generated character in “Ted Lasso” have long been fueled. Now the rumors about the new season start boiling up again. Even if Apple’s streaming service Apple TV Plus cannot shine with a large number of titles, the originals have a stable fan base. For example the series “Ted Lasso”, which is … Read more

Intel says it will make better CPUs than AMD and put pressure on NVIDIA with its GPUs

Intel is one of the manufacturers of hardware most important in the world that, for different reasons and also due to natural cycles that exist in all types of businesses, has seen its main rival in the processor market for some years, AMD, has surpassed them as a result of the launch of the first … Read more

In China, a generous price increase is already seen in Nvidia GPUs

China is always a good indication of what will happen in the rest of the world in the coming weeks, and it has already been there where the price of Nvidia GPUs has skyrocketed. As indicated, the country is already experiencing a shortage of GPUs encouraged by the mining market. As the stock is limited, … Read more