Hazard’s continuous casualties cause Belgium to think badly of Real Madrid

“Hazard must give thanks for being a footballer and not autonomous, because he was going to bill less than Navidul in Saudi Arabia. This was the humorous comment of a fan of the Real Madrid after learning that the Belgian was low again, in this case due to a positive in covid-19 that the club … Read more

Poor diet and obesity: WHO warns about malnutrition in lower-income countries | Lifetime

Not eating enough or eating poorly. More and more low- and middle-income countries are facing both malnutrition and obesity, denounces a report by the World Health Organization (WHO) published on Monday. This “double burden of malnutrition” weighs on “more than a third of low- and middle-income countries” (48 out of 126), warns this four-chapter report … Read more

Coronavirus: when being overweight means being a group …

The Ministry of Health announced that not all obese people will be included in the risk group for the coronavirus, but only those who have a certain body mass index (BMI), according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO). Through the Resolution 1643/2020, published this Tuesday in the Official Gazette, it was established … Read more

Even a fat girl can be sexy! Arichteva showed how to flex well with her belly

Veronika Arichteva will soon be a mother. Unlike some little girls, he knows how to dress well, even if he already has a big belly. We bring you its top 20 models with which you can be inspired. Veronika Arichteva always knew how to dress. She relied on her style. Her Instagram is like a … Read more

The danger of obesity in a pandemic: compelling reasons | THE UNIVERSAL

Current stereotypes associate having a slim physical state with themes of vanity and beauty. For the most part, diets, routines and body care are directly associated with aesthetic issues. It is important to remember why a healthy physical state goes much further, especially in the face of a possible risk of contagion of COVID-19. Being … Read more

Experts: Obesity is associated with the most severe cases of coronavirus infection

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" In light of the outbreak of the new Corona virus, which has killed more than 800,000 people worldwide, it has become increasingly clear that chronic diseases and existing health problems expose patients to the disease. Covid-19 To greater risk. In a presentation during the European and International Conference on Obesity, … Read more

Rather than genetic factors, obesity is more likely to increase type 2 diabetes

Suara.com – Obesity increases the risk of development diabetes type 2 is at least 6-fold, regardless genetic factor. This was reported by research published in Diabetology, the journal of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD). Launch from Medical Xpress, this research was conducted by Dr. Theresia Schnurr and Hermina Jakupovi, Novo Nordisk … Read more

How to lower blood pressure naturally – Naturopathy & Naturopathic Treatment Portal

How to lower high blood pressure naturally Millions of people around the world suffer from high blood pressure (hypertension). This means that the force of the blood with which the flowing blood presses against the artery walls is too high. This can damage the arteries and significantly increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, heart … Read more