GISMETEO: The space observatory recorded the collision of a pair of black holes that arose in different places – Science and space

As a rule, most of the gravitational waves observed by the observatory LIGO, come from collisions of black holes and neutron stars, which have a close origin. According to scientists, they were previously pairs of stars that appeared at the same time and in the same place, and in the future they collide at a … Read more

Confirmed! Zijinshan Observatory found Two new near-Earth asteroids

Confirmed! Zijinshan Observatory found Two new near-Earth asteroids Follow the news, press follow, live news Confirmed! – Xinhua reported that the Zi Jinshan Observatory Under the Chinese Academy of Sciences Revealed discovery of two confirmed near-Earth asteroids Recommended news The two asteroids, coded 2022 OS1 and 2022 ON1, were first discovered with the Zijinshan Observatory’s … Read more

In the video.. Al-Badr reveals a sudden development regarding Pereira’s future with Al-Hilal • Sports Observatory

Al-Marsad Sports: Sports critic Khaled Al-Badr said that the Brazilian player Mateos Pereira had recently entered into a crisis with the management of Al-Hilal. During his appearance on the “Sports Harvest” program, Al-Badr indicated that Pereira would most likely move to a Brazilian club. Khaled Al-Badr: I wish from Nabil Al-Aboudi transparency and talking about … Read more

Victory punishes Taliska .. Learn the details! • Sports Observatory

Sports Observatory: Brazilian Anderson Talisca, player of the French Al-Nasr first football team, told Al-Riyadhiya coach that he has family circumstances that force him to stay in his country until July 29, according to “Al Riyadiah” private sources. According to the sources, the Brazilian star will not be able, due to his family circumstances, to … Read more

Prevent Big Collisions in Space, Greenhill Observatory Has New Ammunition

AUSTRALIA – The Greenhill Observatory operated by the University of Tasmania gets a new mounting device that can be used to prevent major collisions in outer space between satellites and space junk. The new stand, supplied by a technology company, allows the Tasmanian Observatory to move with the Earth’s rotation faster than ever before. The … Read more

Chinese space observatory records the strongest magnetic field in the universe

The Insight-HXMT Chinese Space Observatory, recorded the direct measurement of the strongest magnetic field in the known universe to date. The astronomers discovered a cyclotron absorption line with an energy of 146 KeV, in the X-ray binary neutron star Swift J0243.6+6124the first ultraluminous X-ray pulsar in the Milky Way, corresponding to a surface magnetic field … Read more

Sources reveal the expected deal for Al Nasr Club! • Sports Observatory

Al-Marsad Sports: Sources revealed the expected deal for Al-Nasr Club, after formally contracting with international goalkeeper David Ospina. Abdulaziz Al-Osaimi, who is close to Al-Nasrawi’s house, wrote on his official Twitter account: “Al-Alami wants to sign a foreign defender. Good luck to the world. special | Global wants to contract With a foreign defender. Good … Read more

China seeks name for Advanced Space Solar Observatory

Par : Norbert| Key words : china-solar-observatory-name| Updated on 11-07-2022 China on Monday began soliciting suggestions for a Chinese name for its first solar probe, the space-based Advanced Solar Observatory (ASO-S), according to the National Center for Space Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. . The satellite is scheduled to be launched into … Read more

NASA observatory captures an amazing solar eclipse from space

NASA has some really amazing tools in hand for observing the sun, and one of them spotted the moon passing in front of the sun in a gorgeous partial eclipse seen from space. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory monitors the sun twenty-four hours a day. At least he watched the sun in this way last week, … Read more