The symbol of success behind the war of platforms

Maria Estévez The Angels Updated:18/01/2021 00:17h save Related news Large technology companies maintain a fierce struggle to conquer the audience through their digital platforms. To differentiate their content, in this open war between them, it has become fashionable to symbolize their digital content with the symbol “+”. Discovery Communications It is the last major conglomerate to … Read more

Javier Iglesias highlights the “obsession” of the Salamanca County Council for creating opportunities in rural areas

SALAMANCA, 2 (EUROPA PRESS) The president of the Salamanca Provincial Council, Javier Iglesias, trusts that the new year will be “that of hope” and that of the return to the “longed for” normality, after a 2020 “marked by the pandemic” and in which society has lived an “odyssey” due to COVID-19 and its effects. In … Read more

Miren Ibarguren confesses a curious obsession for a Hollywood actor

On the occasion of the premiere, now postponed, of the next film by Dani de la Orden, Dad or Mom the actresses Miren Ibarguren and Eva Ugarte have come to The Hormiguero to talk about the movie, which will still take a few weeks to hit theaters. During the interview, Pablo Motos asked the interpreter … Read more

Boris Johnson Goes On With His Brexit Obsession | News from El Salvador

Xi Jinping at the time warned Trump that “no one wins a trade war”, which applies, mutatis mutandis, to the English with their Brexit: the big losers will not be those of the European Union The British fleet, it is announced, is ready to defend the country’s coasts from European fishing boats, part of Brexit, … Read more

Atletico Madrid: Luis Suarez and his Champions League obsession

Atletico Madrid Has gone 23 away games without scoring Suarez against Lokomotiv. EFE In Austria on Wednesday, Luis Suarez will take on RB Salzburg, but he will also have to face a curse that has seen him fail to score in his last 23 Champions League games on the road. After contracting COVID-19, the Uruguay … Read more

Hollywood’s obsession with redheads: why actresses started dyeing for better roles

Redheads, natural or not, stomp in Hollywood Despite the fact that only 1% of the world’s population looks red hair, fiction maintains an idyll with female characters whose personalities are as intense as the tone of their hair. The impact of the work of Nicole Kidman and Anya Taylor-Joy are the latest examples. Julianne Moore … Read more

FC Barcelona: Leo Messi and his buried obsession: 14 official penalties in a row without failure

FC Barcelona The Argentine shines from eleven meters as a Barça player and with Argentina Leo Messi throws the penalty against Betis. AFP Leo messi has six penalty goals this season, five with the Barcelona and one with Argentina. Until he signed 4-2 against him Betis, all his goals this season had come from eleven … Read more

The fragility of Alberto Fernández and the new obsession of Cristina Kirchner with Horacio Rodríguez Larreta

Laura Di Marco, in LN + 16:10 An important portion of Argentine society has, for years, a crucial slope: definitively run to Cristina Kirchner of the political scene. For that portion of Argentina, this pending is even more important than the economic reactivation: this was demonstrated with 41 percent of the votes for Together for … Read more