Contracting authorities will be able to obtain civil protection measures through the CPO LT electronic catalog

CPO LT, taking into account the turbulent geopolitical situation and the need for contracting authorities to replenish the existing reserves of civil protection measures, creates a module of Civil Protection Measures for the acquisition of these measures. Thanks to this module, contracting authorities will be able to quickly and efficiently purchase the missing civil protection … Read more

A link to obtain a first secondary result via the Ministry of Education website

Students are now looking for a secondary first result after the Ministry of Education confirms that the results of the electronic exams will be sent to schools to be combined with the results of the paper exam, to announce a secondary first result via the link allocated by the Ministry of Education for this. The … Read more

Disappointment among undocumented hunger strikers: only 1 in 6 people obtain regularization

As a reminder, last summer, just over 470 people went on hunger strike for 2 months, in the Béguinage church and in the buildings of the ULB and the VUB. An agreement – ​​oral – was finally reached on July 21, 2021, through negotiators such as lawyer Alexis Deswaef. There would be no collective regularization, … Read more

In Belgium for 20 years, Lia has still not been able to obtain Belgian nationality: “I feel rejected and sad”

Pierre pushed the orange Alert us button to let us know about the “incomprehensible” situation of his adopted daughter Lia, 38. The young woman of Iranian origin arrived in Belgium in 2002, she was adopted in 2016 and explains to us that she did everything to integrate into her host country: she worked, took training … Read more

MercadoLibre, Red Girasol and Yo Te Presto obtain license to operate as fintech

The authorization process for platforms that seek to operate as Financial Technology Institutions has begun to accelerate again and now, the authority has published the final endorsement of three entities: MercadoLibre, Red Girasol and Yo Te Presto. This Wednesday, May 11, the National Banking and Securities Commission, through the Ministry of Finance, published in the … Read more

occupiers turn Mariupol into a ghetto – civilians urged to wear white ribbons must obtain permits to move

Peter Andriushchenko, an adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, reported this on his Telegram channel. “The occupiers are forcing the people of Mariupol to wear a white bandage as a sign of ‘their’. In fact, in this way, the Russians are once again using the civilian population as “bait” for the snipers and soldiers of … Read more

Youth Building the Future: requirements and how to register to obtain a scholarship of 5 thousand pesos

After finishing the Consultation for Revocation of Mandatethe program Youth Building the Future He launched a new call for 40 thousand Mexicans who want to join and get a scholarship of 5 thousand pesos. “If you are between 18 and 29 years old, do not study and do not have a job, join Youth Building … Read more

The University of Arizona teamed up with “Century Empire 4” to obtain course credits through special game content – Computer King Ada

In the past, when we studied history in the classroom, we often had a headache when we saw the chronology, characters, and key events. However, when we played video games such as Dynasty Warriors, it seemed that we could easily pick up names and battles without any effort. Such video game history learning may now … Read more

Traffic: moving mobile cars to obtain licenses from 10 am to 10 pm

Traffic made it possible to move mobile cars to obtain licenses, where the citizen can request a mobile traffic car through the hotline at number 15558, or enter the Ministry of Interior website via the Internet and request a mobile traffic car, throughout the week from 10 am to 10 pm in all governorates The … Read more