They found human remains dating from the catastrophic volcanic eruption of Thera, which occurred 3,600 years ago

A study published this December 27 revealed more information about the eruption of the Thera volcano, considered one of the most catastrophic in the history of mankind (Photo: Pixabay) This Monday, December 27, it was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a study carried out by a group of researchers led by … Read more

A disastrous song by the star “Shadia” caused the death of a very famous artist, and during the autopsy, a surprise occurred that amazed everyone!! ..see who it is?

He is called the comprehensive artist for his multiplicity of talents and abilities, as he worked as a monologist, and a popular singer, distinguished by his distinctive laugh, and presenting the role of Al-Saeedi. , Shadia and others. 22737365 His real name is “Omar Sayed Sayed Salem”, and his nickname is “Omar El-Gizawy”, he was … Read more

At night in Nikolaev, a scuffle occurred between two groups of men – one of the drivers damaged several cars and ran away

reading: 1701114.12.2021 18:04 In Nikolaev on Monday night between two groups of men there was a conflict. The reason for this was that one of the drivers damaged several cars in the city and went into hiding. Information about this “Crime. Is NOT PRESENT” was confirmed in the press service of the patrol police department … Read more

Terrifying! This is the story of 5 mass extinctions that have occurred in the history of planet Earth

JOURNAL SOREANG – Earth is a planet in the solar system, and is the only planet in which there are living beings. Mass extinction or biotic crisis is biodiversity loss event that is on earth. In ancient times the earth once experienced mass extinction what happens to the living things in it. Also Read: Unique! … Read more

Serious adverse effects of the Covid vaccine have only occurred in 0.02% of cases

The Basque Department of Health has registered a total of 8,244 cases of adverse effects attributed to coronavirus vaccines until September 12. According to the latest report from the Pharmacovigilance Unit of the Basque Country, 3.2 million doses had been inoculated to date, with a notification rate of 2.56 sec reactions .

The first corona case occurred later than first reported – VG

RESEARCH THEORY: A new research article provides support that the origin of the coronavirus can be traced back to the market in Wuhan. Foto: EPA, National institutes of health handout/NTB The first case of coronavirus in Wuhan occurred several days later than first thought, and it was a woman, not a man, who was infected, … Read more

Index – Domestic – A deadly house fire occurred in Kunhegyes

A man died in an apartment fire in Kunhegyes early Wednesday evening, a spokesman for the National Directorate General for Disaster Management informed our editorial office. Dániel Mukics said that a hundred-square-meter house had caught fire in Pósa Lajos Street in Kunhegyes, where firefighters had found a body. In the hallway of the house, the … Read more

A serious accident occurred in the Beijing Winter Olympics. Polish athlete broke his foot during training | Yanqing National Snowmobile Center | Polish sled athletes |

[New Tang Dynasty News November 11, 2021 Beijing time]Beijing Winter OlympicsThere was a serious accident before the opening of the meeting, and onePolish bobsleigh riderWhen training at the Winter Olympics a few days ago, the track suddenly missed the gate. The player directly hit the gate and his foot was broken. The International Olympic Committee … Read more

Here the heinous crime occurred.. The first pictures of a young man’s slaughter site in front of the

04:44 PM Monday 01 November 2021 Books – Hossam El Din Ahmed: Masrawy publishes the first pictures of the site of the heinous crime that took place at the intersection of Al-Bahri Street and Tanta Street in the center of Ismailia, after a young man slaughtered another in the middle of the street in front … Read more