6 bad habits that are killing your laptop battery and how to change them

The batteries of the laptops They usually have a useful life cycle. However, there are certain habits that can help prolong it or, on the contrary, harm it. For this reason, knowing what to do is key, but above all, what not to do Laptops often give indicators that, if taken care of in time, … Read more

Madonna said that her 16-year-old son wears her clothes and that they fit him better than her

Four days before his 64th birthday on August 16, almost 40 years after his debut as a singer with the album that bears his first name, Madonna can say that in the musical field he has achieved everything. Now, with more time and some 300 million records sold throughout her career, the queen of pop … Read more

WA iPhone Theme MB Version for Android Latest Free

Download the Latest WhatsApp iPhone Theme MB Version – If you want to give your Whatsapp a new iPhone look, you can download the WhatsApp iPhone Theme, please Download in Sini. We know that not everyone can buy an iPhone, but by using this modified Whatsapp you can experience what it’s like to use Whatsapp … Read more

Here is the “biggest cat in the world” – Corriere TV

Yulia Minina left social media users speechless with the videos of her feline, a real “giant”, known online as the “biggest cat in the world”: “Kefir”, Main Coon breed, which people usually exchange for a dog, he is in fact an Instagram star. The owner, resident in Russia, adopted the puppy and she certainly did … Read more

The video of the «tornado of fire» at the gates of Los Angeles- Corriere TV

Over 200 firefighters are fighting the fire in California that burned over 60 acres A video from local broadcaster KTLA shows a circular fire wave that developed during a fire in California. In the images taken from the helicopter we see a so-called “tornado of fire”, ie eddies of heat, smoke and strong wind. Over … Read more

Five state-of-the-art devices to save money and energy at home

The term smart home It refers, mainly, to those devices that are connected to each other in a home and whose access is given through a central point: a smartphonea tablet, a laptop or a video game console. In this way, any type of home or office can transform into a smart structure where door … Read more

After China’s military show, the options to win Taiwan are reduced

China’s 72 hour show missiles, warships and jet fighters that swarm in Taiwan was designed to create a firewall: a fiery warning made for television against what Beijing it sees as an increasingly stubborn challenge, backed by Washington, of its claims on the island. “We maintain a high state of alert, ready for battle at … Read more

Georgina Barbarossa missed her show and rumors of a “hostile work environment” began

They assure that the host is “about to explode” because of the relationship with the production and colleagues in “A la Barbarossa”. Georgina Barbarossa would be working under a “hostile climate” and would feel prejudiced by her fellow panelists in A la Barbarossa (Telefe, Monday through Friday at 9:30), according to the information provided this … Read more

launches a series about a woman who suffers from a disease with no cure

The laboratory of American origin that in 2020 and 2021 held a long and controversial negotiation with the Argentine Government for the contract for vaccines against Covid, Pfizer, launches this Thursday a fiction series about a woman suffering from a chronic and incurable disease. The initiative, with the preceding conflict and raised in this way, … Read more