Energy prices begin to put pressure on inflation Mar. ’16, reduced to 0.08%, lowest for 13 months.

Inflation Mar. ’16 decreased 0.08%, lowest in 13 months as energy prices rose positively in 14 months but inflation has not yet turned to positive. Because it has benefited the measure to reduce the cost of living in the state Both electricity, water and rice, chicken, eggs and vegetables are reduced. The price is expected … Read more

We buy it anyway, so gasoline is expensive

A narrow year ago, in April-May last year, the average price of 95 petrol dropped to around 285 forints, such prices have not been seen by Hungarian motorists for more than a decade. After the low point in May, prices then started to rise quite slowly again, from June to the beginning of this year … Read more

Net profit of the largest oil company in the world almost halved

Saudi Aramco Allocates $ 75 Billion for Dividends to Shareholders Last year, Saudi Aramco produced an average of 12.4 million b / d of oil equivalent, of which oil accounts for 9.2 million b / d. The net profit of the world’s largest production and reserves Saudi oil company Saudi Aramco in 2020 amounted to … Read more

The price of “Brent” crude exceeded $ 71 per barrel

Subscribe to receive the most important news Prices jumped Oil Today, Monday, the price of Brent crude exceeded $ 71 per barrel, its highest level in more than a year, after US reports and a decision by OPEC and its allies not to increase supplies in April. This has overtaken crude futures prices Brent The … Read more

[뉴욕증시 마감] US employment indicators rebound in 4 days… Oil price, $70 Ghana

On the 3rd (local time), a trader sits at a post in the market at the entrance hall of the New York Stock Exchange, USA. [사진=AP·연합뉴스] <!– .ui-widget-header { background: #cf0a2c; border-top: 3px solid #cf0a2c; margin:0; padding:0; border-radius: 0; overflow: hidden; } .ui-widget-content{ background-color:rgba(255,255,255,0.5); } #prismADP{line-height:0;-webkit-box-sizing:content-box;box-sizing:content-box;} –> On the 5th (hereafter local time), the New … Read more

Oil price returned to one-year high

OPEC + decided not to increase the level of “black gold” production in April Oil quotes rose in anticipation of decisions within the OPEC + deal. The price of Brent crude rose to $ 67. During trading on the London ICE exchange, the price of Brent crude for delivery in May 2021 rose by 4.6% … Read more

PTT organizes 1.65 trillion budget to pursue a 5-year plan to increase gas investment Looking at new business

PTT organizes 1.65 trillion budget to pursue a 5-year plan to increase gas investment Looking at new business February 23, 2021 time 18:17 PTT draws a five-year investment plan, spends 1.65 trillion baht, adjusts gas portfolios. Focus on new business Interested in expanding the battery Develop defense industry Mr. Athapon Rerkpiboon, Chief Executive Officer and … Read more

Oil prices increase by 32 cents, setting record for the longest rising in two years.

February 11, 2021 0 Oil prices added 32 cents to a record for the longest in two years, boosted by lower than expected US crude stocks last week. West Texas Crude Oil Futures Wednesday’s close (Feb. 10) gained 32 cents, the longest uptrend in two years, nine days. It was boosted by lower than expected … Read more