Ibn-i Sina’s recipe: How to cure dried figs and olive oil? Benefits of dried figs and olive oil mix

The miraculous mixture recipe for humanity from Ibn-i Sina will be good for your important health problems. Let’s take a look at how this mixture is prepared, which plays an important role in the treatment of many health problems. Description of Ibn Sina Materials 250 grams of dried figs 1 liter of olive oil How … Read more

Mosaic of the Eastern Roman Empire found at the World Photo Refugee Camp Olive Farm

Burei refugee camp in central Gaza, Palestine. A colorful mosaic decoration believed to date from the 5th to 7th centuries of the Eastern Roman Empire was discovered in an olive farm in a refugee camp, about 1km from the border with Israel. The mosaic decoration, which was revealed when about 1 meter of soil was … Read more

Rows of Anti-Cancer Foods, From Avocado to Olive Oil » JOGLOSEMAR NEWS

Avocado. Photo: Pixabay JOGLOSEMARNEWS.COM – Diet is one of the things that can affect the development of cancer cells. Increasing consumption of certain foods can increase the risk of cancer, and vice versa. In a 2017 comprehensive review published in the American Journal of Cancer Research, it was stated that more than 50 percent of … Read more

Make your husband happy.. Three ways to use “cloves and olive oil” in the bedroom.. Get to know them and enjoy your life even if you are over fifty years old!

2022/09/15 It’s 3:30 p.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite Hair is one of the most important features of beauty in women, so many of them are keen to take care of it in a special way, and most of them go to beauty salons and spend large sums for that, In this article, we will … Read more

Neither “Alionkas” nor “Karovkas” – the Russians are considering banning EU olive oil for sweets

Photo of Judita Grigelyts (V). The Russian Ministry of Agriculture is considering the possibility of completely banning the import of vegetable fats used in confectionery production into the EU. Such retaliatory sanctions cost about 6.2% of annual production. According to the Ministry, there is no final decision yet, but the possibility of replacing imported oils … Read more

Milan, OFFICIAL: presented the third ‘Olive green’ shirt with the flag of Milan, but still without the Scudetto PHOTO | First page

AC Milan and Puma today presented the new Third kit, the third jersey for the 2022/23 season that will be worn by the men’s, women’s and youth teams in their respective competitions. The new jersey will be color olive-green features tone-on-tone graphics of the flag of Milan and an exclusive monochromatic version of the Rossoneri … Read more

The most important food that does not leave a trace of stubborn belly fat! Eating this gets rid of excess

RED FRUITS More and more studies are beginning to show that some fruits are better at fighting belly fat than others. The main feature that distinguishes these fruits from other fruits is that they are red or reddish in color. These fruits, which are in red tones from fruits such as cherry, raspberry, strawberry, watermelon, … Read more

The overlooked harm of the miracle olive, a panacea! If you don’t pay attention…

Olive is one of the foods that add health to human health with every bit of it. The olive itself, olive oil, olive seed and olive tree leaf also come to the fore with health benefits. The olive, which has been cherished throughout history; A complete health store with omega 3 and omega 6 fatty … Read more

Big Weekend Discount in Agricultural Credit Market! Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Sugar, Tea, Chicken Campaign! Here are 23-24 July 2022 Current Product Prices….

Agricultural Credit Cooperative markets, which are the state-supported markets of Turkey to sell quality products at affordable prices, started to offer discounts upon discounts. Agricultural Credit Cooperative markets, which sell highly discounted products especially during religious holidays, decided to continue the tradition of discounts after the holidays. Agricultural Credit Cooperative markets, which published this week’s … Read more

Top 5 health benefits of olive oil

Olive oil is one of the oldest known food sources. Because of its benefits, it has been called liquid gold and liquid sun since ancient times. So, what are the health benefits of olive oil? Are there any situations in which it is inconvenient to use olive oil? Nutritionist Nicola Shubrook reviewed it for BBC … Read more