OMV: The incident in the…

The state-listed OMV announced today in its trading update for the fourth quarter that the incident at the Schwechat refinery in April last year caused an insured value of EUR 175 million. “This amount will be taken into account in the CCS operating result before special items in Q4/22. However, this will only have an … Read more

Oil company Adnoc takes over OMV shares from sovereign wealth fund Mubadala

With this step, Adnoc, one of the world’s largest oil producers, will also strengthen itself in the chemical sector. It was not until the spring that Adnoc and Mubadala agreed that Adnoc would take over the 25 percent stake in the petrochemical group Borealis, in which OMV holds a 75 percent stake. At the state-owned … Read more

end of dependency? – Former OMV boss warns: “Nothing learned from Russia”

The ex-manager pleads for a third solution (Norway, Romania/Rotterdam, Austria via Italy) so as not to become a game ball. Roiss, who as a board member fought against dependency on Russia, criticizes that the government is looking to Abu Dhabi (state fund holds 24.9 percent of OMV) to get the sanctions. The state holding company … Read more

OMV boss Stern: “Our gas storage tanks are full”

The energy crisis has to be reacted to, but that’s no reason to change the long-term strategy, says OMV CEO Alfred Stern. The future lies in chemistry and geothermal energy. Wien. It wasn’t particularly lucky timing. presented in mid-March OMV-Boss Alfred Stern presented his new Strategy 2030, which he had previously worked on in his … Read more

OMV will probably not be a case for the judiciary – companies

The largest Austrian industrial group, the state-owned OMV, is currently also employing the judiciary. In the turbulent general meeting on June 3, the former CEO of the energy company, Rainer Seele, was not exonerated. The other board members were discharged for 2021, the ex-OMV boss was denied discharge to 71 percent. The state holding company … Read more

Ex-OMV boss Roiss for complete sale of OMV state shares – company

Vienna – Austria should withdraw from the mineral oil company OMV as long as its 31.5 percent stake is still worth something. That’s what the former OMV CEO Gerhard Roiss says in an interview with the magazine “Profile” from Saturday. The timing is good: “The oil and gas prices are high, and so are the … Read more

No more Pleininger at OMV

The contract of OMV board member Johann (Pleininger) will not be extended. The supervisory board of the listed OMV AG decided on Friday to allow the mandate to expire in August 2023. The differences in opinion between CEO Alfred (Stern) and Johann about the oil and gas strategy of OMV AG were probably too great. … Read more