A 19 year old goes out with his board in the lake but does not return to shore (PHOTO): ongoing operation of divers and aquatic rescue. The area monitored by helicopter and drones

BOLZANO Inflatables, divers and underwater rescuers in action in South Tyrol. A search for a 19-year-old is underway. The alert went off in the late afternoon of today, Sunday 26 June, at the great lake of Monticolo for a boy of Andriano who would have gone out into the waters with the sup board without … Read more

27 year old in red code. Investigations ongoing

One person was attacked and injured with a bottleneck last night in the historic center. It is a 27-year-old boy living in Arezzo, and not a woman as it seemed at first from the convulsive tales of the night. Someone with a broken bottle neck injured his head and arms causing deep lacerations. The assault … Read more

Russian cruisers a few miles from Taranto. The former admiral of Marina Fabio Caffio speaks: “Here’s what’s behind the ongoing showdown”

The “Varyag” moves away from Puglia, but the Navy’s sonars remain on alert. Because in the Mediterranean they remain well 18 Russian military ships and two submarinesa deployment that – says the former admiral Fabio Coffio al fattoquotidiano.it – leaves no doubts on the intentions of Moscow, whose naval vessels “plow the waters that are … Read more

Consequences of the ongoing war in Ukraine: the diesel crisis is deepening

The conspiracy of the pumpiers in setting the margins seems to be becoming colossal, and the disease is spreading from the Czech Republic beyond the borders of our basin! Even in the USA, the recent development of oil and product prices does not correspond to historical experience. At least judging by the development of oil … Read more

Ongoing scandals.. An embarrassing photo of Johnny Depp in front of an American court

The series of scandals revealed between Famous American actor Johnny Deppand his wife, actress Amber Heard, are in court in Virginia, USA. In the latest developments in the defamation trial case between the duo, the court showed an embarrassing image of the international actor sitting on the ground unconscious with his mouth open, while a … Read more

EMA’s ongoing evaluation of Hipra’s COVID-19 vaccine begins

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has started continuous evaluation of the vaccine against COVID-19 from Hipra, also known as PHH-1V. This vaccine recombinant protein adjuvanted poses as reinforcement for adults who have already been fully vaccinated with a different COVID-19 vaccine. The Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) of the EMA will evaluate … Read more

Still ongoing! Promo Indomaret 9-10 April 2022, FILMA Rp 5,200, Buy 2 Taro Get 1 Free

TRIBUN-BALI.COM, DENPASAR – Tribunners, are you thrifty? Maybe a lot of people are frugal right now. If you are also saving money but still want to shop for toiletries, try stopping by Indomaret. Indomaret sells a variety of household items, such as bath soap to toothpaste. Also read: Ramadan Special Super Bowl Rp. 35,000, HokBen … Read more

Peru president lifts curfew within day after ongoing protest

Due to the war in Ukraine, the prices of fuel and food have risen rapidly in Peru, which was already suffering from high inflation. Western sanctions against Russia have pushed prices even further. Last month inflation in Peru reached its highest level in 26 years. In the past two weeks, truck drivers, among others, protested … Read more

Poplavskaya intervened in the ongoing scandal around Urgant

The star believes that there are more important things than spying on the showman’s life. Actress Yana Poplavskaya supported the journalist Otar Kushanashvili, who spoke unflatteringly about Ivan Urgant after he left for Israel. The screen star suggested that the reporter was drunk when he wrote down the comment. Despite this, Poplavskaya believes that the … Read more

The UN comments on media reports of a ban on workers calling the ongoing war in Ukraine

“That’s not true,” Stefan Dizarik, a spokesman for UN Secretary-General Antoni Gutheresh, said on Twitter. “This is not a case where employees are instructed not to use words such as ‘war’ or ‘invasions’ to describe the situation,” Dijarik said. He recalled a tweet published on Monday by UN Under-Secretary-General Rosmaria Carlo. “After almost two weeks, … Read more