The Bulgarian Black Sea: when the Russians are gone

“Heat, sand, sea – and many Russians. Until recently, this was the essence of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Russians own thousands of properties here. But this year they are gone.” Three foreign publications with impressions of the Black Sea, collected by “Deutsch Vele”: A holiday on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast: several German-language publications … Read more

The Ukrainian army hit the Antonovsky bridge, destroyed the equipment for its repair

The Ukrainian army has successfully struck the Antonovsky road bridge across the Dnieper River on the outskirts of Kherson, eyewitnesses who posted video and photos of the attack reported on social networks. Ukrainian forces fired at the bridge with HIMARS, Russian sources said, confirming the casualties. The spokeswoman of the united press center of VSU, … Read more

“Georgi Milkov: I know what you did in Libya”

15 years ago, six Bulgarian doctors – five sisters, the doctor Zdravko Georgiev and the Palestinian Ashraf Al Hajuj, landed in Bulgaria on the plane of the President of France. They were led by the wife of the then French head of state, Nicolas Sarkozy, Cecilia. Thus ends the longest hostage drama in Bulgarian history. … Read more

Amber Heard was an elite prostitute, Johnny Depp had erectile dysfunction

Quite disturbing facts come out of more than 6,000 pages in the case of Amber Heard against Johnny Depp, writes The Daily Beast. Depp’s lawyers have included photos of Amber as a pole dancer, as well as evidence that she worked as an elite prostitute. In turn, her lawyers have found prescriptions issued to Depp … Read more

Now without a voice, Katya Paskaleva says goodbye to life for 50 days

Zlatyu Boyadzhiev wishes to paint her when already is paralyzed after a stroke and writes with his left hand The white casket is closed and strewn with flowers. Just as she wished. And more: “No worship in a theater or anywhere; relatives to be overwhelmed by Macedonian tragedies.” A short torrential rain pours down as … Read more

“Gazprom” stopped the gas to Latvia and Lithuania

“Gazprom” stopped the supply of gas to Latvia. According to the Russian energy giant, the reason is a violation of the terms of the contract. Riga confirmed that it does not receive Russian blue fuel. At the same time, Gazprom announced that it was suspending gas supplies to neighboring Lithuania, BTA reported. The charges against … Read more

Georgi Naumov – the best non-professional actor – died

Georgi Naumov died at the age of 80 – perhaps the best non-professional actor in Bulgarian cinema. He was born on September 11, 1941 in Sofia. Even as a child, he starred in the film “The Traces Remain”, in which he co-starred with his almost the same age, Stefcho Danailov. His character’s name is Charlie, … Read more

No F-16 fighter jets for Turkey, the US has decided

No F-16 fighters for Turkey. This was decided by the US House of Representatives on Thursday. The decision creates an obstacle to President Joe Biden’s plans to sell F-16 fighter jets to Turkey, reports Reuters. The House of Representatives approved the measure, proposed by Frank Pallone and Chris Pappas of the Democratic Party, as an … Read more

The ball that saved Ivan after 18 hours in the White Sea came from Fr. Limnos

An incredible story revolved around a colorful ball, for which the Macedonian Ivan held on for 18 hours in the White Sea and was finally saved. It turned out that the leather ball came from Fr. Limnos. The three Macedonians went missing in the Aegean Sea on Saturday afternoon in the area of ​​Poseidi Beach, … Read more

Russia does not need an embassy in Bulgaria

Outside of emotions, if you think about it, Russia does not need an embassy in Bulgaria. Norway doesn’t have an embassy, ​​Canada doesn’t. And in the future we will probably import more energy resources from Norway. Canada’s economy is bigger than Russia’s. And there are more Bulgarians living in Canada than in Russia. Our exports … Read more