Another operator switches off the 3G network. These phones will lose fast internet

T-Mobile is retiring an outdated 3G network, the company announced on its website, adding that the network will be shut down at the end of November. 3G connection will be replaced by much more efficient LTE or 5G. People who just call and text don’t have to worry. The services provided by 3G will be … Read more

Lithuanian mobile internet speed race: one operator is proud

“The average speed in our network is already approaching the triple-digit number, and the qualitative difference compared to other operators is obvious. This is the fruit of the largest investment in the mobile network, tens of millions of euros annually, written by our customers every day, ”says Andrius Šemeškevičius, Telia’s Chief Technology Officer. 4G rally … Read more

Mobile operator Bite Group’s profit increased to 40 million euros last year / Article /

The consolidated turnover of the mobile operator “Bite” group has increased by 5.5%, reaching 120 million euros, the company informed. Profit before interest, taxes and depreciation has increased to 40 million euros, which is 8.7% more than a year earlier. In turn, 19.5 million euros were paid in taxes in 2020, which is 15% more … Read more

Musk SpaceX selected as a NASA lunar lander operator… Bezos Strike

Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk’s SpaceX was selected for the NASA’s lunar exploration project after Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin. NASA announced on the 17th (local time) that it has selected SpaceX as a private lunar lander operator for the’Artemis Project’ that sends humans to the moon with the goal of … Read more

Operator Rotterdam coal-fired power station takes State to court due to closure | NOW

The German energy company Uniper is taking the Dutch State to court for the forced closure of coal-fired power stations. Which reports outgoing minister Bas van ‘t Wout (Economic Affairs and Climate) to the House of Representatives. The company is asking for financial compensation, but the government says it is not liable for the alleged … Read more

[서울신문] Bezos beaten musk… SpaceX selected as NASA lunar ship operator

▲ SpaceX, founded by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, has been selected as a lunar lander operator, overtaking Blue Origin, led by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. The photo is Musk Tesla CEO. AFP Yonhap News SpaceX, an American space exploration company founded by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, has been selected as a lunar lander operator, overtaking … Read more

Swiss operator Salt launches 10 Gb / s fiber offer with Apple TV 4K

The third mobile operator in the country is launching into fixed Internet, with a Salt Fiber offer at 49.95 Swiss francs per month (42.6 euros). Coupled with an “unlimited” mobile plan, the set is billed at 64.90 francs per month (55 euros). As a reminder, the operator was bought in 2015 by Xavier Niel, the … Read more

Bitcoin breaks the price record, today it reached 1.34 million crowns. The next day, the operator of the largest online market for cryptocurrencies in the USA, Coinbase, will enter the stock exchange, which further popularizes cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase Global plans to enter Nasdaq through direct leafing, ie not through primary subscription of shares. When browsing directly, the company that on stock market enters, does not cooperate with the investment bank as in the primary subscription. Entrance to stock market without the assistance of the underwriting investment bank, it is a cheaper way … Read more