THE BALL – António Carvalho wins at Senhora da Graça in a Glassdrive show of strength (Returns to Portugal)

António Carvalho (Glassdrive) won, this Sunday, the ninth stage of the Volta a Portugal, which covered 174.5 kilometers between Paredes and Mondim de Basto, arriving in Senhora da Graça. In an authentic Glassdrive show of strength, the 32-year-old cyclist took 4:42.14 hours, arriving at the same time as teammates Frederico Figueiredo and Maurício Moreira. Closest … Read more

Tiny electromechanical robots developed in Austria

A group of researchers from the Johannes Kepler University in Austria have created a series of ultra-fast soft electromagnetic robots capable of walking, running, jumping, swimming and even carrying and releasing loads. The scientists were inspired by the ability of animals such as cheetahs, rabbits and cockroaches to use their high-speed locomotion as one of … Read more

NASA will send microorganisms into space to study the effects of radiation

As part of the first stage of the Artemis mission, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will send nanosatellites with microorganisms on board, to conduct a series of studies aimed at examining human survival in space. Exterior. According to an article published by the Russian news agency Sputnikthe name assigned to this first unmanned … Read more

Marcelo, friend, PS is with you

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa never truly abandoned his role as a teacher and political analyst. It’s stronger than him. As the people say, Marcelo may have left the university and political commentary, but the university and political commentary never left him. Assuming himself as an old-time teacher, the President of the Republic loves to give … Read more

THE BALL – «Ronaldo or Messi? It’s like choosing between father or mother…» (Paris Saint-Germain)

At the age of 22 and already nominated once for the Ballon d’Or, Kylian Mbappé has as his strongest memory the duel of recent years between Lionel Messi (7 times winner) and Cristiano Ronaldo (6 times winner). «It was always interesting to see the tension on those nights, to look at their faces and see … Read more

THE BALL – Benfica B resists the expulsion of Diego Moreira and draws in Tondela (Liga 2)

Tondela and Benfica B drew 1-1, in the match that opened the 2nd round of Liga 2, which took place on the afternoon of this Friday, at Estádio Municipal de Aveiro – a home loaned to Beira, since the stadium’s pitch João Cardoso, in Tondela, is being intervened. The reds came in better, who opened … Read more

The Baltic countries want to punish all Russians: the German chancellor has a different opinion

The Russian style of warfare in Ukraine is well illustrated by the Grad system, which launches a series of unguided rockets across the Dnieper. The Grad system fires directly from the city, between residential buildings. It doesn’t matter to the Russians that the Ukrainians will also have to direct the return fire at a city … Read more

THE BALL – Twelve years later, number 12 has a new owner (Real Madrid)

Real Madrid published on its official website the squad numbers for the new season, taking into account that the Spanish League starts next weekend. More emphasis on number 12. For 12 years that number belonged to Brazilian side Marcelo, who ended his contract with Real Madrid and is now without a club. In the new … Read more

Ultracold atoms “dressed in light” to simulate physical theory

Researchers from the ICFO institute and the Autonomous University of Barcelona have managed to demonstrate chiral interactions (not superimposable with their mirror image), between atoms cooled to the lowest temperatures in the universe. After applying laser light, the result is a quantum system that behaves differently from its mirror image and is described by a … Read more