THE BALL – There is still a trophy at stake (Liga)

Thirty games, always the starter, for Pedro Gonçalves, 29 games, 22 of them in the starting eleven, for Seferovic. The Sporting midfielder takes 2553 minutes in total, while the Swiss international from Benfica records 2085. But it is in the goals scored – 18 – that, at the entrance to the derby and the penultimate … Read more

NAM director regrets the unrest, but sticks to his opinion

NAM director Johan Atema regrets the unrest he has caused the residents of the earthquake area in Groningen. “I’m sorry I let the frustration build,” he added RTV North following statements against NRC. Nevertheless, he defends his thesis content: a large-scale reinforcement operation of the houses is probably no longer necessary. On May 6, the … Read more

THE BALL – Lions join the International Museum Day (Sporting)

This Thursday, Sporting announced a special program associated with the International Museum Day. The event will start on Saturday, May 15th, and will continue until June 1st. The lions will offer a vast program of activities dedicated to members and families, including a theatrical visit to the Leonine museum. It is recalled that the International … Read more

Expert opinion: cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin factor and their future

In 2020, cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, benefited as risk appetite increased and financial markets recovered. From below $ 5,000 in March 2020, the price of Bitcoin in April this year has already exceeded $ 63,000, but has now dropped to just below $ 50,000. In addition to its strong risk appetite, Bitcoin has benefited from growing … Read more

Development before evaluation | Egyptian today

Subscribe to receive the most important news The importance of education is no longer a subject of debate in any region of the world, as experiences in contemporary countries have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the beginning of real progress, but the only one in the whole world is education, and that all countries … Read more

An effort by the global scientific community to obtain immunity. Germano de Sousa’s opinion – News

The global emergency context, originated by the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19 disease), reinforced the urgency of vaccine development, in an effort to converge the scientific community at a global level. Portugal is currently in the second phase of the vaccination calendar, with the vaccines being administered by BioNTech / Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and … Read more

Opinion | When it comes to COVID-19 vaccines, releasing patents should be just the beginning

The discussion about global access to the COVID-19 vaccine was, from the beginning, an economic discussion as well as a health issue. The data provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) reveal that, of the more than 700 million vaccines administered until March of this year, rich countries received 87% of the doses against 0.2% … Read more

A. Trinchieri: In my opinion, we won the Euroleague quarter-finals 3: 1

Munich’s Bayern team lost 2: 3 to Milan’s AX Armani in the Euroleague quarter-finals and withdrew from the title race. Head coach of the German club Andrea Trinchieri disagrees with this result and says his students deserve to win the series 3: 1. “The first match we lost could kill any team in the world. … Read more