“Rome must think big, Jubilee and Expo opportunities to be seized”

When the new president of the bishops, the cardinal Matteo Zuppi launches an appeal to compactness, explaining that the period “we have before us” presents itself as a gigantic challenge “for everyone”. Nobody excluded. So for the parties that make up the Draghi government, for those who are in the opposition, for the common people, … Read more

New professions are in short supply in Wallonia: “There are CDI opportunities, good salaries but the image of certain sectors is catastrophic”

The construction sector still occupies an important place in the list drawn up by the Forem. At the same time, almost a third of the new jobs in shortage belong to the Horeca sector, which has been particularly affected by the health crisis. Nursing assistants, drivers, masons, waiters and sales assistants are available everywhere in … Read more

Experts Open Up Opportunities To Create Jets With Light Speed ​​Like The Millennium Falcon

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Speed ​​of light impossible to reach by humans and their vehicles, so the classical theory physics said. The reason is, the closer to the speed of light, the greater the energy required. Now, there is a bright spot through certain particles. In the science fiction universe of Star Wars, vehicles at … Read more

G. Šimkus: Raising interest rates will make the opportunities for borrowers more difficult

With the European Central Bank (ECB) planning to raise base interest rates, Gediminas Šimkus, Chairman of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania (LB), says that this may make borrowing a little more difficult in the short term, but should not cause major difficulties for the financial system. “The cost of funding would increase for … Read more

Still fewer opportunities available among professionals

Between strong demand and supply difficulties, used vehicle dealers are finding it increasingly difficult to offer a sufficient number of vehicles to their customers. In May 2022, only 450,086 cars were available for sale, according to the Autobiz barometer. This figure represents a drop of 6.2% compared to April, a level this low not having … Read more

Metaverse offers great opportunities for small fashion labels

The world’s biggest fashion brands have been exploring the Metaverse for some time, raising the question of whether smaller fashion designers could reap the benefits. Indrė Viltrakytė, director of The Rebels, an NFT project that aims to bridge In Real Life (IRL) and WEB3 fashion, emphasizes that there are many opportunities smaller creatives in the … Read more

Belotti evaluates other opportunities. And Vagnati: “Torino must look ahead”

A cloak of mystery surrounds the future of Gallo and in his own way the grenade manager makes it clear that he may be far from Turin The more the days pass, the more the chances that Andrea diminish Belotti sign the renewal with Torino. A rather easy truth to guess given that Gallo has … Read more

Heat supply companies currently have very limited opportunities to purchase natural gas – Sectors – Financenet – TVNET

He explained that companies cannot afford to think about the costs of natural gas at the moment, the availability of this energy resource is a more pressing issue. “District heating companies, and I am not talking about Latvenergo AS, are currently unable to buy gas, firstly, at a fixed price and, secondly, they do not … Read more

Seeing Anies-Puan Duet Opportunities in the 2024 Presidential Election All

KOMPAS.com – The Formula E race at the Jakarta International E-Prix Circuit (JIEC) Ancol, Saturday (4/6/2022), leaves a number of stories. Including one of them when the Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan give his seat to the Chairman of the DPR RI Mrs. Maharani. Photos of Puan Maharani sitting flanked by President Joko Widodo … Read more

Try to lose as little as possible and even look for investment opportunities :: Dienas Bizness

The rise in food prices continues, with some products already reaching 98%, according to the Latvian Traders’ Association (LTA), which regularly compares the prices of consumer goods in stores. The association calculates average prices in the price tags indicated in the stores of retail companies, without taking into account the share prices set by the … Read more