New opportunity! Seven years after her separation from Luis Ventura, Estelita Muñoz is happy with her boyfriend – Paparazzi Magazine

Estelita Muñoz It is another and it shows: she is divine, radiant, with a smile that she cannot hide, happy with everything that her present has in store for her. The moment came for the panelist to have a good time, after the agonizing separation from Luis Ventura, which occurred in the middle of a … Read more

Persib Bandung Opportunity to Become Half Season Champion, Here’s the Scenario, Will Maximize the Remaining Two Matches

Report from the West Java Tribune Journalist, Ferdyan Adhy Nugraha TRIBUNJABAR.ID, BANDUNG – Trainer Persib Bandung, Robert Alberts, judging the victory over Madura United with a score of 1-0 in continued League 1 2021/2022 at the Manahan Stadium, Solo, Saturday (4/12/2021), is something appropriate. He said, Maung Bandung deserves three points. “Our team created more chances … Read more

Persib News: Reported Conflict with Robert Alberts, Ardi Idrus Opens Opportunity to Move to Persija

TRIBUNKALTIM.CO – Player hunt ahead of opening transfer market BRI League 1 2021 has been felt. In fact, the hunt for players this time involved two eternal rival teams, namely Persib Bandung and Persija Jakarta. This time, rumors circulated about the transfer of one of the defenders Persib Bandung ke Persija Jakarta. He is Ardi … Read more

From today – a new order of opportunity passport, tests and masks

The government’s decision to change the requirements for obtaining an opportunity passport has changed since December 1: a negative antigen test result will no longer be valid, and a negative PCR test will be required, which will be valid for 72 hours. from the moment of sampling. As before, people who have been vaccinated against … Read more

Revealed, Persia Has The Opportunity To Arrive New Players Soon

MUHAMMAD ALIF AZIZ/BOLASPORT.COM Persija Jakarta illustration or logo BOLASPORT.COM – Revealed, Persija Jakarta is rumored to have a golden opportunity to bring in a new pillar soon. The presence of new players is certainly expected to provide a good change for the club Persija Jakarta, which is currently not stable in League 1 2021. On … Read more

Serie A, 15th day – A great opportunity to take positions if Toro beats Empoli

Fifteenth round that will be played in the middle of the week with the first matches tomorrow evening at 18.30 which will see Atalanta on the field at 18-30 at home against Venice and Fiorentina, wounded by the knockout of Empoli, which awaits Sampdoria. At 20.45 it will be the turn of Juventus who will … Read more

So a tempting business opportunity, this is the capital to open a Pertamina gas station – So Business opportunities Tempting, this is the capital to open Pertamina Gas Station. For those who are interested in opening a business and have enough capital, opening a Pertamina gas station can be a consideration. Because opportunity fuel sales business This is quite tempting in the midst of the increasing number of motorized … Read more

Opportunity of life is gone. The Slovak champion had to have an operation. Who will replace him?

It was supposed to be one of the most watched matches, and it was also the main match of OKTAGON 29. In addition, the legendary Buchinger was striving for something that no one had ever done before. He could win the third title in three different weights. Plus, in one year. However, intensive training sometimes … Read more

In order not to miss the unrepeatable opportunity of the Bonus, do it at 90% instead of 60%, here is what we must do

Here is what the Government has decided with regard to the Bonus facades. Starting January 1st 2022, the percentage of fiscal detraction of the same, it will go from 90% to 60%. Therefore, from that date, taxpayers who want to provide the exterior of the building will be able to save less money. However, all … Read more

Germany gives Moscow the opportunity to move its borders

Dr Brzeski, on the air of Polskie Radio 24, assessed that the Nord Stream projects pushed by Germany led to an escalation of tensions in Central and Eastern Europe. – By launching Nord Stream 1, Germany opened the way to the annexation of part of Ukraine by the East. In turn, by establishing Nord Stream … Read more