Justin Sun decided to “move to Hong Kong” to seize the opportunity: China will rule the next bull market, and the encrypted world is not only the United States |

Justin Sun, the founder of Tron and the owner of Huobi Exchange, announced this morning that he “will move to Hong Kong”, saying that China will become the origin of the next round of bull market, hoping to get closer to gain opportunities.(Recap:CZ: In 2023, the goal of “education, compliance, product service” must be hit; … Read more

These self-employed people see an opportunity in the tight labor market

NOS NOS News•Sunday, 12:34 Nina Bogosavac editor Economics Nina Bogosavac editor Economics Employees are more likely to quit their job and start as self-employed. There were about 60,000 in the third quarter of 2022, a record. Many want less responsibility and more freedom. Admittedly, her resolution to never work weekends again fell apart after just … Read more

Seize the opportunity.. The highest return on savings certificates in banks in Egypt in 2023, before they were suspended by the Central Bank

The savings certificates in Egypt for the year 2023 are among the highest value savings certificates during the last ten years, and these certificates enjoyed high rates of purchase in the two banks of Egypt, namely the National Bank of Egypt and Banque Misr, and this is due to the profitable investment return from these … Read more

Businesses do not miss an opportunity and create the “Babo Chelas”

Currently, in the digital scenario, there are more than four and a half billion users on social networks. In Mexico, according to a recent survey, beer was positioned as the favorite alcoholic beverage for consumers. For a few days, the lead singer of the Santa Cartel appeared in the main trends in networks and some … Read more

Data Analysis》Chinese New Year’s Bull Market, Is it an Opportunity or a Trap? | Dynamic Trends-The Most Influential Blockchain Media (Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency)

During the Lunar New Year period, the Bitcoin market surprised many investors by bouncing back above the realized price ($19,700) from the trading range it fell out of FTX. This article will discuss notable shifts in the behavior of new investors (short-term holders), long-term holders, and miners. This article is derived from the latest research … Read more

Unbelievable Things Are Happening! Expert Name Shares “Historical Opportunity in Bitcoin” › CoinTürk

Reading Time: 3 A minute biggest cryptocurrency Bitcoin(BTC) various on-chain metrics continue to give serious buying signals after this year’s rally. Here are those metrics that point to a “historic buying opportunity” in Bitcoin. “Bitcoin is in the Serious Buying Opportunity Zone” At one point, Bitcoin managed to emerge from the recession in which it … Read more

Medieval relics in a pendant discovered in the rubbish – Science and art

Bone fragments, possibly the relics of a saint, have been discovered inside a medieval pendant found in rubbish in the old city of Mainz, Germany. It has them identified the research group of the Leibniz Center for Archeology and the University of Munich, who managed to visualize the contents of the pendant dating back to … Read more

The driver is not paid if the passenger is not given the opportunity to pray

Jakarta – PO Haryanto always provides opportunities for passengers who wish to perform prayer services, especially the dawn prayer. This rule has been confirmed in writing by the owner, Haji Haryanto. If a driver violates the law, then the penalty is not being paid for one route. PO Haryanto is known as one of the … Read more