“Do you like team spirit and discipline?” : Full card for the defense, prevention and safety at school option

“Are you interested in jobs related to defence, prevention and security? Do you want to prepare for the defense or police entrance exams? Do you like rigor, team spirit and discipline? The aspirant training for defense professions is for you!”. The presentation made by the Athénée Royal Jean Rey in Couvin for its new option … Read more

Nyepi Holiday, National Police Open Option to Implement One Way on Tour Routes

Jakarta – Korlantas Police preparing a number of traffic engineering on Nyepi Day to avoid overcrowding. One of them is implementing a contraflow scheme on the Jakarta-Ciampek Toll Road. “We have prepared according to the developing situation, on the Japek Toll Road, arteries and tourist routes. On the contraflow Japek Toll Road,” said Dirgakkum Korlantas … Read more

Soon option for faster Windows 11 updates

March 20, 2023 – The latest canary build of Windows 11 hides an ID that can be activated to prioritize the PC when new Windows updates are rolled out. Like Twitter user PhantomOfEarth Has been established, the latest Windows 11 Build 25314 from Canary Channel includes a hidden ID that enables a new option for … Read more

Credit assignment and building bonus invoice discount: communication of the option and deadline of March 31, 2023 – Fiscal Focus

The deadline of next March 31st should be the definitive deadline for communicating to the Revenue Agency, pursuant to art. 121 of Legislative Decree no. 34/2020, the option for the transfer of credit or for the discount on the invoice following the building interventions carried out. It is a passage…

University | Ten days with Jorge Fossati: the triumphs, the 3-5-2, the ‘Orejas’ option and the rebirth of Piero Quispe | Edison Flowers | RMMD EMCC | FOOTBALL-PERUVIAN

This Wednesday marked ten days since Jorge Fossati took the reins of Universitario. The Uruguayan coach entered for the first time with the cream squad on Monday, March 6. Since then, a lot has happened in Ate: two important victories, a change of style and, above all, a spiritual revival that has triggered individual and … Read more

WhatsApp makes group participants much more recognizable | Lifestyle

Little by little WhatsApp It is taking steps to improve the application, some advances are important structural advances, but, in many cases, with small details that become very useful over time. And there is one among the latter that has begun to unfold and that points to very good manners. The first thing you should … Read more

Van La Parra shows up at the Kitchen Champion club…

Rajiv van La Parra Foto: © Pro Shots Former SC Heerenveen player Rajiv van La Parra has signed a contract with Almere City FC. The 31-year-old winger signs a contract until the end of the season with an option to extend for the 2023-2024 season. Van La Parra will play for the last time in … Read more

Why didn’t you go out of the castle and lose… Solving the mystery of Tokugawa Ieyasu’s only defeat “Battle of Mikatagahara” Why I couldn’t take the option of “Besieged” | PRESIDENT Online (President Online) )

In 1572, Tokugawa Ieyasu confronted the invading army of Shingen Takeda at Mikatahara. This “Battle of Mikatagahara” is said to be the only defeat in Ieyasu’s life. Why did Ieyasu not stay in the castle and enter a field battle with no chance of winning? Atsushi Kawai, a historian, says, “In fact, there was no … Read more

New contactless glaucoma therapy option Direct Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (DSLT) now available as first-line therapy in Germany (VIDEO)

Bochum (ots) – BELKIN Vision offers a new type of laser therapy for some of the approximately 900,000 people with glaucoma.[1] What is special compared to previous laser interventions is that direct contact with the eyes is no longer necessary, which makes the treatment particularly gentle: a step forward for doctors and patients. Patient-oriented: Fewer … Read more