New Option for IDR 10 Million Laptop for Students, Acer Aspire 5 Slim – Acer updated the specifications and features of the Aspire 5 Slim laptop line in Indonesia. There are two models introduced, the Acer Aspire 5 Slim with the code A514-55 (14-inch screen) and A515-57 (15-inch screen). As explained by Acer Indonesia’s Consumer Product Manager, Matius John Tirtawirya, this laptop is specifically designed for users … Read more

Experts on how mobilization and “referendums” will end: Ukrainians also do not rule out the option of nuclear weapons

Referendums are for several reasons Eastern politics expert Marius Laurinavicius stated that one of the reasons why Russia needed to hold staged referendums in the occupied territories of Ukraine was their administration and budget issues. M. Laurinavicius agreed that the referendums took place in an accelerated manner, which, according to him, is related to the … Read more

Artificial intelligence chooses the best treatment option for breast cancer

To increase the chances of successful surgery for breast cancer, patients sometimes undergo chemotherapy to shrink the tumor prior to surgery. This therapy does not always work, but it does have unpleasant side effects. Researchers can use artificial intelligence to predict for whom preoperative chemotherapy is useful and for whom not. But who leaves such … Read more

Electricity, Nuclear power | The nuclear power debate flares up again: – There is no other option to solve the climate

Let’s make a premise for this matter: Climate change is the biggest threat against humanity. And then we can add – as an extension – at natural crises is approximately like threatening. Overall, the threat is enormous. Although the crises are connected, the measures to solve the crises are quite different. The development of wind … Read more

MPR and KPU Godok Closed Proportional Pileg Option, Voters Only Vote for Political Parties

JAKARTA, – The Indonesian People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) and the General Elections Commission (KPU)KPU) RI considers the legislative election (pileg) to be carried out with a system closed proportional. This was revealed after a meeting between the two parties at the KPU RI office on Wednesday (21/9/2022). “An interesting suggestion from the KPU chairman … Read more

Like a Dragon: Ishin! There is no English voiceover option. To maintain the Japanese taste in the game

Game developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio has confirmed to fan page of the Yakuza/Like A Dragon family of games, The Tojo Dojo, that Like a Dragon: Ishin! There is no English voiceover option. The game will have English subtitles. with Japanese voice only The main reason why the staff decided not to include an English … Read more

Aji Santoso criticized foreign striker Persebaya Surabaya’s sharpness, the figure of Rp 1.7 billion could be an option, – Foreign striker Persebaya Surabaya, Silvio Jr still not clear, a figure worth Rp 1.7 billion could be an option. Persebaya Surabaya seems to have difficulty scoring goals in League 1 this season. The status as the most fertile club last season seemed to immediately change seeing Bajul Ijo who had only been able … Read more

The atomic option of broadcasting matches of the Premier League. Fans can get a hit from the Pikeman

We have already informed on that September 13 may have been a key day for the future of Premier League rights. It was then that a remote meeting of the company’s supervisory board took place. The highlight of the meeting was: Sale of TV rights for 2023-27. The only bidder in this tender was … Read more

Latest Info! 3 Honda Electric Motorcycles That Must Be Option, One Of Which Can Travel A Distance Of 130 KM

HALLOTERNATE.COM – Many Indonesian people are starting to be interested in buying electric motorremember price Fuel has gone up some time ago. Various motorcycle manufacturers are also trying to bring electric motor suitable for the community, both in terms of quality and price. Honda which is one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world … Read more

What Ilary Blasi will do after Totti’s interview: the lawsuit option, the money and the war in court

I Rolexthe alleged betrayal, the role offriend hairdresser. The day afterinterview released by Francesco Totti al Corriere della Sera it is that of reflection. In what promises to be a war destined to fill the pages of magazines for years Ilary Blasy has already replicated threatening revelations “that would ruin 50 families“. But the weapons … Read more