Perseverance Reportedly Detected Organic Compounds in Jezero Crater

⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after ad) The Perseverance rover of the Mars 2020 mission has been exploring the Jezero crater since February 2021. Its role? Collect and condition samples of Martian soil, which will be recovered by a later mission, then carefully examined on Earth in order to unearth possible … Read more

The Perseverance rover found organic compounds in Jezero crater

Scientists managing the mission of the rover Perseverance on Mars published in “Science” (DOI: 10.1126/science.abo5204) their analysis of rock samples from the Jezero crater. These studies reveal evidence of rocks interacting with liquid water. The researchers also found signatures that may indicate the presence of organic compounds. Crater Lake Organic matter has already been found … Read more

This organic egg brand was among the worst in the Italian test in terms of freshness

A new test conducted by the magazine Il Salvagente examined 22 brands of fresh eggs sold in supermarkets, including some organic products. Just one of them, Naturelle Bio, subjected to the water test, presented a “non-optimal” freshness Let’s start with the good news: all the egg brands sampled by the Lifesaver test come out well, … Read more

Why choose 100% organic CBD –

The democratization of CBD has favored its sale and production. It is therefore available in the market in various forms, each different from the other. However, it is advisable to take only products from organic cultivation. We explain why in this guide. For more effective treatment The benefits of CBD in curing diseases are known … Read more

An overview of the best supermarkets in Spain for organic products

MADRID – Mercadona is and remains the most visited and most popular supermarket in Spain, but not for lovers of organic or ecological products. While other chains move with the times and even go to great lengths to expand the ‘productos ecologicos’ range, Mercadona has nothing organic in its range at all. But which supermarket … Read more

Organic plant in the Court, the minister announces a task force

“To solve the staffing problems of the courts, he thought of a real tarsk force.” For one of the first releases as Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio, appointed Keeper of the Brothers of Italy quota, chose Venice and Treviso, two of the most distressed judicial offices. “The situation in the Marca is unbearable – said … Read more

despite the decline of the organic market in France, the Lyonnais Oé raises five million euros

Two years after a first round of funding at 2.5 million euros, Oé is doing it again. The Lyon brand specializing in organic wine has just raised 5 million euros, in particular from Vitirev Innovation (Demeter investment fund dedicated to the ecological transition in the wine and wine sectors) but also from private investors such … Read more

Mars rover that left Earth two years ago… found traces of floods, organic matter and aurora : Dong-A Science

Citizens of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) watch the launch of the Mars probe ‘Amal’ (Hope) from the Muhammad bin Rashid Space Center (MBRSC) in Dubai. Dubai/Yonhap News Starting with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on July 20, 2020, China on the 23rd and the US on the 30th launched the Mars rover in that … Read more

Synthetic cells communicating with organic cells

ENGINEERINGNET.BE – PhD candidate Marleen van Stevendaal focuses on developing synthetic cells that work well with living tissue. This makes it possible in the long term to use synthetic cells for, for example, the targeted delivery of signaling molecules. Good communication requires that synthetic cells are not harmful to living cells. They must also have … Read more