Today, the Association of Islamic Organizations will hold a demonstration against the increase in fuel prices at the Horse Statue

JAKARTA, – Mass action from a combination of Islamic community organizations (ormas) on behalf of the National Movement for People’s Defenders (GNPR) will hold a demonstration against the increase in the price of fuel oil (BBM). The demonstration activity entitled “Action 2309” is planned to be held on Friday (23/9/2022) this afternoon in the … Read more

Emirates News Agency – Abdullah bin Zayed meets representatives of international Jewish organizations in New York

Tuesday, September 20, 2022 – 10:38 am the video Pictures New York, September 20 / WAM / H.H. Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, met a number of representatives of American international Jewish organizations on the sidelines of the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly in … Read more

Organizations that are close to hiring are withdrawing their offers – why?

Photo of Judita Grigelytė (VŽ). Backing out at the last minute is a trend observed by US labor market analysts over the past six months. According to their data, there was a rapid increase in the number of employers withdrawing job offers. Such a decision is usually called extreme and is determined by many possible … Read more

Brown bear dies during GPS collar placement, animal organizations Italy furious | Abroad

Bear F43 is dead. The rebellious northern Italian bear needed a new GPS collar, but that operation went completely wrong. Animal welfare organizations are angry. The animal was known for not being afraid to go near people. What should have been a routine operation turned out to be fatal for F43 in the night from … Read more

Israel has closed the offices of Palestinian human rights organizations. Foreign Minister Huitfeldt is upset.

One of the organisations, which has received support from the Norwegian authorities, tells Aftenposten that they are prepared for employees to be arrested. Israeli occupation forces are said to have removed documentation about children in Israeli captivity. The image from surveillance cameras in DCI-P’s offices shows how Israeli occupation forces break in. Photo: DCI-P 18. … Read more

‘Deficits at implementing organizations also due to wrong choices’

ANP NOS News•Tuesday, 11:35 Charlotte Klein editor economics Charlotte Klein editor economics Government executive organizations suffer from staff shortages, NOS reported Today. As a result, they adjust some processes. Where does this shortage come from, what kind of problems does it lead to and where does the solution lie? Paul Boselie, professor of public administration … Read more

Nature and environmental organizations: weakening nitrogen targets out of the question

ANP Nature and environmental organizations do not want to negotiate the nitrogen targets with the cabinet. Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, Nature and Environment, Natuurmonumenten and Mobilization for the Environment say to news hour that those goals cannot be achieved. After the farmers, they will soon be able to visit the discussion leader Johan Remkes to … Read more

Attract and retain top talent with an ’employee first’ corporate culture

Health determines choice for new employer 2 augustus 2022 – Within many organizations there are growing problems surrounding the physical and mental health of staff. Employee wellbeing has become a driver of talent recruitment and retention. According to research For 59 percent of all Dutch employees, the availability of ergonomic equipment and a healthy working … Read more

TIPS financing opens opportunities for companies and organizations to increase energy efficiency

As the prices of energy resources rise and the risks of stable supply increase, more and more people are looking for a more useful alternative. Increasing energy efficiency becomes one of the solutions for companies that consume a lot of energy. This can be helped by targeted financing, which is provided by the TIPS (Promotion … Read more

6 Facts about the confiscation of 16 cattle belonging to farmers in Sumedang by Unscrupulous Community Organizations Page all – Unscrupulous community organizations (ormas) from the Indigenous Peoples’ Muscle Front (BOMA) are said to have seized 16 cows belonging to Maju Jaya 2 breeders in Sumedang Regency. The case of confiscation of cattle belonging to farmers has even dragged the names of officials in the Sumedang regional government. Reporting from, here are … Read more