UNamur is fighting to be able to organize its specialization in general medicine: “We really don’t understand why it gets stuck”

At the beginning of February, the Minister for Higher Education, Valérie Glatigny (MR), announced, in Free, that it was preparing to refuse two authorization requests (while authorizing 55 others): that of UNamur to create a master’s degree in general medicine, and that of UMons aiming to open a master’s degree in medicine . The point … Read more

Do not tolerate “unconstitutional changes” and organize a conference on reconciliation in Libya

The President of the Peace and Security Council of the African Union, Bankul Adeoye, said in a press conference on Sunday that the Assembly of Member States of the the African Union “I affirmed zero tolerance for unconstitutional changes of government.” The federation suspended the membership of Mali, Guinea and Sudan in 2021, and then … Read more

Ministry of Education prepares to organize cultural travel for ambassadors around the world Visit Ban Chiang World Heritage Site Udon Thani-Nong Bua Lam Phu Moral Community

Ministry of Education prepares to organize cultural travel for ambassadors around the world Visit Ban Chiang World Heritage Site Udon Thani-Nong Bua Lam Phu Moral Community This February 22-24, Soft Power Show welcomes Thailand to be one of the 23 best places in the world in 2023. There are interesting festivals throughout the year. Suitable … Read more

Lidl has an organizer drawer to organize your kitchen and store the capsules of your super-automatic coffee maker

Having an organized kitchen is complicated. Especially if we have a small kitchen. And it is that we not only have to take into account the food that we have stored. Also kitchen utensils, jars, batteries and pans and, of course, the capsules of the coffee pots. That is why in Lidl They have released … Read more

Unemployment of doctors: In Cameroon, doctors organize themselves to survive after their training

Article information Author, At the heart of the news Role, BBC Africa Reporting from Dakar January 23, 2023 Forced into unemployment after their training by a government policy that limits the number of recruitments to the Civil Service, qualified Cameroonian doctors, in order to survive, are forced to emigrate or do activities other than their … Read more

Emirates News Agency – The National Rehabilitation Authority and Colombo Plan organize a specialized training course

Monday, January 23, 2023 – 2:28 PM ABU DHABI, 23rd January, WAM, The first specialized training course, “Preventive Interventions for the Family,” hosted by the Training Institute of the National Rehabilitation Center, in cooperation with the Colombo Plan Organization, concluded today. The course was presented – for the first time – in a hybrid manner, … Read more

“Song Kang” prepares to organize a fan meeting in Thailand for the first time. Look at the ticket price – seating plan – special privileges, see you on March 12.

After the organizer Imy Thailand Announcing the first fan meeting in Thailand of attractive young actor Song Kang (SONG KANG) received an overwhelming response from the Songpyeon people (Name of the fan club) Thai people who are waiting to cheer up. and give close love to young Song Kang at the event 2023 SONG KANG … Read more

【Cycling】Taking over from Jin Baoji, the owner of the bicycle shop, to organize different activities to promote cycling

[Tilu News]The former “Asian Rider” Huang Jinbao recently resigned from his full-time job at “Aomeng Chengzhen”, and took over the old name “Tongrong Bicycle” in Hong Kong’s cycling industry as the boss. Po hopes to organize more activities through the company to promote cycling at different levels. Huang Jinbao joined the Olympic Committee after retiring … Read more