The organizer of the coronation of Charles III in hot water

The Duke of Norfolk, the aristocrat who organized Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, tried in vain on Monday to escape a license suspension with an outlandish argument: he needs his car to prepare for the king’s coronation Charles III. Edward Fitzalan-Howard was sentenced to six months’ probation by Lavender Hill Magistrates’ Court in London on Monday … Read more

Artists have had it with showbiz organizer Hugo Foets: “I’m afraid we can whistle for our money” | POPULAR IN HLN+ SHOWBIZZ

BVHe hadn’t had a good name for a while. But now that organizer Hugo Foets (57) has canceled the 100% Retro festival, one day before the event, many have had enough. That is what various Flemish artists tell in ‘Dag Alles’. Hopefully this is the last well he dug. Foets himself reacts excitedly, while he … Read more

“I can’t keep the minimum manners” Gust protests against Sakurazaka fans Unauthorized parking on the premises one after another … The organizer also grasps the situation “I’m sorry”: J-CAST News[Full text]

Unauthorized parking at restaurants near the amusement park “Fuji-Q Highland” in Yamanashi Prefecture, where the idol group “Sakurazaka46” held an outdoor concert, was posted on Twitter and spread. there is A family restaurant put up a signboard in the parking lot, pointed out the name of the group, and accused some fans of obstructing business. … Read more

The author of the article described the incident at Babiš’s meeting. The intervention was probably not in order, experts agree — ČT24 — Czech Television

“The boy we see in the photo was with his mom at the meeting. Suddenly he went and took away the speaker with the stand,” Svobodová described, adding that after a while he returned the speaker after several challenges. The editor of Respekt stated that police officers came to the boy immediately and dealt with … Read more

He finished first, but didn’t win. The organizer of the longest cycling race claims that Polman broke the rules | News | Hradec Gossip

After a dangerous fall and injury, newcomer Daniel Polman finished with a five-hundred-kilometer lead over his opponent. Yet he was denied victory in the world’s longest cycling race. Reason? According to the organizer of NorthCape–Tarifa, the photographer who had no business with him is to blame. The competitors had to drive the 7.5 thousand long … Read more

Lippo Mal Yogya Music Event Clashes, Organizer Becomes a Suspect

Yogyakarta, CNN Indonesia — Police named Expo Productions as the organizer of the music event at Seven Sky, the rooftop area of ​​the Lippo Plaza Yogyakarta Mall as a suspect. The music event which was held last Sunday (12/6) ended clash up to 11 people were seriously injured. A number of mall facilities were damaged. … Read more

The organizer “Eh-Isriya” raises an army of quality actors to sacrifice the drama “Mongkut Karma” to prepare for the most intense water drama!!

The organizer “Eh-Isriya” raises an army of quality actors to sacrifice the drama “Mongkut Karma” to prepare for the most intense water drama!! Arrived at the screen on Channel 8 television station already For the water drama “Mongkut Karma” of the organizer who is known for making dramas such as “Eh-Isriya Saisanan”, the latest, is … Read more

Tik Jesadaporn, Sobok Channel 7, as the organizer of “The Wind Blows Through the Dao” Aum Patcharapa

In this regard, Tik-Jesadaporn Phondee is preparing to act as a drama organizer for Dreamers Society Creation Camp, starting with a romantic drama project, Wind Blows Through the Stars from Amata’s script. of W. Winitchaikul Along with the debut of the actor who made everyone cry wow! Because the handsome organizer Tik Jesadaphon will return … Read more

A video of a famous party organizer confirms the return of Sherine Abdel Wahab to Hossam Habib, despite her denial: “I visited them at their home.”

Sherine Abdel Wahab and Hossam Habib are still interested in the public after the news of their return to each other after a two-month separation. Although Sherine denied the news of her divorce in an official statement, the Lebanese party organizer Youssef Dandash confirmed that the duo returned to each other. Concert organizer confirms Sherine … Read more