Asteroids bring organic matter?New discovery in Japan probes mystery of origin of life – News – Rti Central Radio

In the samples collected by the Japanese research team from the asteroid, silicate minerals containing organic matter were found, and it was concluded that these minerals sent the organic matter of the origin of life to the earth. (Photo: Pixabay) When a Japanese research team analyzed samples collected from asteroids, they discovered silicate minerals that … Read more

Space Mission Reveals Origin of Water on Earth – Recent research has revealed that water may have been brought to Earth by asteroids from the outer edge of the solar system. This conclusion came after scientists analyzed rare samples collected on a six-year Japanese space mission. In an attempt to explain the origin of life and the formation of the universe, researchers … Read more

Scientists Discover Theory of the Origin of the Formation of the Earth

loading… Scientists discover the theory of the formation of the earth. photo/ IST A new study says that Earth formed after the continent was hit by a giant meteorite about 3.5 billion years ago. As reported by Unilad, (14/8/2022), the findings were obtained after researchers from Curtin University in Perth, Australia analyzed zircon mineral crystals … Read more

7 Countries That Have No Mosques Standing, Number 3 The Country Of Origin Of The Former Liverpool Star : Okezone Travel

MASJID It is a very important place of worship for Muslims. In addition, mosques are also part of historical places and have something to do with the development of civilization in each country. Even in non-Muslim majority countries. But apparently, there are some countries that do not have mosques, you know! This is because the … Read more

The Origin of the Spread of Herpes, Because of a Kiss 5,000 Years Ago

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Recent studies have found the origin of the spread of the virus herpes. The virus is claimed to have started to spread widely when people started getting to know kiss. Herpes is a virus that causes infection. This infection is usually characterized by dry skin to the appearance of sores in … Read more

Another clue to the origin of the Moon

Humanity has maintained an enduring fascination with the Moon. It wasn’t until Galileo’s time, however, that scientists really began to study it. Over nearly five centuries, researchers have advanced many highly controversial theories about the formation of the Moon. Today, geochemists, cosmochemists and petrologists at ETH Zurich shed new light on the story of the … Read more