“The origin of man” and the erroneous theory about sex and race by Charles Darwin | Society

Most of us have heard of Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection and his treatise “The origin of species”, 1859. And still more have heard the expression “survival of the fittest” at some point in their lives and attributed it to the British naturalist (although, in fact, he borrowed it from the philosopher Herbert Spencer) … Read more

After Covid-19, other viruses of animal origin in ambush?

According to many researchers, Covid-19 is only the forerunner of an increase in zoonoses (diseases of animal origin transmitted to humans). These would be favored by a reduction in biodiversity. A member of the Yangoru Boiken tribe untangles a bat captured from a net in Papua New Guinea. © Getty / Timothy Allen Claimed by … Read more

RADIO FRANCE SURVEY – Behind Covid-19, other viruses of animal origin threaten us

An investigation by Anne Brunel, investigation unit of Radio France. Claimed by many experts for a year, the recent appointment of a sanimal health specialist within the French Scientific Council on Covid-19 is a strong symbol: it shows that it is necessary to combine skills to prevent new diseases whose emergence is increasing: 60% of … Read more

preview with mode and experience for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam and Origin)

Who has not played in his childhood to the ground is lava? And catch-catch? Surely also to the rope or to the plates, with a high probability of having done the same with the dodgeball. And the latter is just what it is about City knockout, the next EA Originals after Rocket range and developed … Read more

The theory of the artificial origin of the coronavirus returns

“A public university is not obliged to evaluate the content of scientific papers, but to share them and submit them for discussion” – this is how the University of Hamburg responds to the wave of criticism after the publication by the award-winning physicist and nanoscientist from this university, the main thesis of which is: “the … Read more

One of the members of the WHO mission that traveled to China denounced that the government of XI Jinping hides data on the origin of the coronavirus

Australian microbiologist Dominic Dwyer, a member of the WHO mission who traveled to ChinaOne of the members of the mission of the World Health Organization (WHO) sent to China to investigate the origin of the coronavirus has denounced that the Chinese authorities have refused to release information. Australian microbiologist Dominic Dwyer explained that they requested … Read more

The report on the origin of coronavirus has worried America, asking China for access to information

The United States has called on Beijing to release full details of the first cases of coronavirus infection in December 2019. It did so after the World Health Organization chief said all hypotheses about the origin of the disease were still open. According to US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, it is absolutely crucial that … Read more

Controversy over’corona origin’ continues… “China refuses to provide original materials to WHO

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that China refused to provide raw data of early outbreak cases to a team of experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) who visited the country to investigate the origin of Corona 19. The WHO investigation team visited the Wuhan Animal Disease Center in China on the 2nd. [AFP=연합뉴스] … Read more

[국제]WHO “All hypotheses related to the origin of Corona 19 are open”

[앵커] WHO Secretary-General Thewardross Governor Yeosus said that all hypotheses about the origin of Corona 19 are open regarding the results of the WHO investigation team’s recent activities in China. He reiterated that although the number of COVID-19 infections and deaths worldwide has recently declined, it is not yet time to release tension. This is … Read more

Dr Henri Joseph at the origin of a new discovery

Taking advantage of the Guadeloupe Region Health Forum, the Phytobokaz laboratory announces an innovative discovery against Covid 19. Once again, Doctor Henri Joseph, at the origin of the Phytobokaz laboratories has struck hard! And, what better than the 3rd edition of the Grand Citizen Forum “Health and quality of life” of the Guadeloupe Region, to … Read more