a weasel at the origin of the mega power cut this Tuesday morning (Huy)

The weasel damaged the facilities at the Haute Sarte source station. – A large part of the territory of the city of Huy, but also part of the town of Marchin and Modave was deprived of electricity this morning. A weasel had entered the Haute Sarte d’Elia source substation. Surprise this Tuesday morning for thousands … Read more

A worker seriously injured in Liège: a construction detonator would be at the origin of the explosion

A person was seriously injured Monday morning during an explosion in a house in Liège, indicate the firefighters of the Cité ardente and the Liège police zone. The demining service of the army went on the spot. According to the first elements of the investigation, it would be a construction detonator which would have exploded, … Read more

Scientists determine origin of organic molecules found in a Martian meteorite in 1984

In 1984, a group of explorers discovered a rock from Mars in Antarctica that caused a stir in the scientific community, because contained organic compounds. A new study sheds light on the origin of these extraterrestrial molecules, and the surprising conclusions of the researchers were released by Sputnik. The meteorite, named Allan Hills 84001 (ALH84001), … Read more

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Takes Up 71GB on PS5

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is Team Ninja’s latest project and the game will be released in March for several platforms. This title has an excellent basis in itself, but there was still some work to be done as we indicated in our preview. One of the platforms for which Stranger of Paradise: Final … Read more

Is Fauci hiding the origin of the coronavirus? / News

Once again, Anthony Fauci (81), the top virologist of US President Joe Biden, is causing a stir. Several Republican members of the US House of Representatives are making serious accusations against Fauci. In a letter to the US Secretary of Health and Human Services published on Wednesday, they allege that the virologist and the “National … Read more

Cobra Kai, Jacob Bertrand: The True Origin of Hawk’s Crest and Why the Kiss with Moon Was So Weird | Netflix series | FAME

The main question of the fourth installment of “Cobra Kai” was who would become the new tournament champion. Although Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) made an alliance, they ultimately competed for a split against John Kreese and Terry Silver, resulting in their loss, as the rival dojo won in the skills … Read more

The Origin of the Mysterious Sound of the Universe Begins to Be Revealed

Jakarta – It’s been a long time mysterious voice in the universe is an interesting question for scientists. Now, scientists are starting to see a bright spot. It was likely that the voice came from a major event that had occurred. Launch Science Alert, Saturday (15/1/2022) the event could mean events related to black holes … Read more

This is how much space Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is going to take up on your PlayStation 5

The PlayStation Game Size Twitter account has revealed the storage requirements for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin on the PlayStation 5. The account is known for ‘leaking’ the storage required for PlayStation games. This time they know that Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin will take up 71,505 GB of the storage of your … Read more

Deep discoveries about the origin of life on Earth

Researchers have explored the evolution of metal-binding proteins for billions of years. To answer one of the most profound questions in biology, a team led by Rutgers has discovered the structure of a protein that may be responsible for the origin of life in the primordial stew of the primordial Earth. The study appears in … Read more

Neither bat nor mink! What animal was the Omicron infected with? Origin of virus revealed

Finding the origin of Omicron, which has become the dominant variant in the world, is of great importance in the fight against the epidemic. A new study done in China showed that Omicron is a result of reverse zoonosis. Scientists have shown that Omicron, which evolves 3 times faster than previous variants of the coronavirus, … Read more