CarVertical grew 30%, with overseas revenue accounting for 95%

Photo of Judita Grigelytė (VŽ). The company is increasing its activities abroad, expanding its services for business, this year it is talking about the planned 30 million. EUR turnover. Vehicle history reporting company carVertical grew sales revenue by 30% last year, from $17.7 million. EUR 2021 up to 23.3 million EUR 2022 “We have turned … Read more

NHL | The Czech forward excelled in the NHL. Returning from overseas? It’s too early for that one, says the journalist

After a successful 2017/18 season, Kaut was among the drafted players in the overseas NHL. However, in less than four seasons, he was unable to make a significant impact on the Colorado Avalanche team. “Colorado was packed. It was not easy to work there. He flew up and down the farm,” evaluates the steps of … Read more

Three projects supporting the cultural industry in Overseas France rewarded by the State

The call for projects “The Great Image Factory”, part of the France 2030 plan wanted by the government, rewarded two winners in the West Indies and a third in Reunion. The announcement was made on Friday May 19 by the Minister of Culture. The winners want to create film or video game development schools. Good … Read more

Chinese Cars Are Increasingly Selling Overseas, Japanese Cars are Beginning to Overtake

Jakarta – China claims to be the biggest car exporter in the world. It is said that the export of cars from China is greater than that of Japan. Chinese brand cars seem to be getting more and more attention abroad. This can be seen from the significant increase in China’s car exports. Quoting the … Read more

Chytil and Sedlák end up at the WC. Lenc will arrive and Havlát will talk to reinforcements from overseas – ČT sport – Czech Television

“Both will leave us, two bad news at once. They didn’t play Slovenia. Sedlo tried it and so did Filip in training, but unfortunately it won’t work. Unfortunately, Sedlo has something chipped or broken. We have to replace them. Radan Lenc will come and I’ll talk on the phone Zohym,” said the team’s general manager … Read more

Kaoru Mitoma’s “honor student” play against Newcastle. What is the difference from Man C Greerish | Overseas soccer | Shueisha’s general sports magazine Sportiva official website web Sportiva

The Premier League, where Manchester City are on the verge of winning. Since Arsenal’s top two spots have also been confirmed, the focus has been on competing for berths to the Champions League (CL, top four) and Europa League (EL, top six). . The match between Newcastle and Brighton that day was a match between … Read more

Obesity: “There is an urgent need to act” especially in Overseas France, according to the authors of a report commissioned by the government

Obesity is one of the evils of the century that plagues the national territory. The situation is more alarming in the overseas territories than in France; this can be explained by consumption patterns, sedentary lifestyles or even the fact that there are more low-income households there as well. A recent report is synonymous with a … Read more

Manchester City’s anxiety factors are 3 points Formation defect seen in CL Real game, Haaland’s isolation, and … | Overseas soccer | Shueisha’s general sports magazine Sportiva official website web Sportiva

Speaking of the de facto final, it would be disrespectful to the people of Milan, who will be fighting the derby from now on, but from the perspective of the Champions League (CL) over the past few years, it would be safe to say so. Real Madrid vs Manchester City. The first leg of the … Read more

“Honkai: Interstellar Railway” Trash Can Easter Eggs Become Overseas Memes, Think Tank Stories Hidden “Rick Shake” | 4Gamers

Generally speaking, the first impression of any game is mostly left by the art style, and the new work “Honkai: Star Rail” (Honkai: Star Rail) produced by Mihayou has once again successfully entered the overseas market by virtue of this, However, the first social meme a week after the game was launched was not a … Read more

WC hockey 2023 | Krejčí’s participation in the WC? He revealed his plans overseas, the Czech Republic is a closed chapter for him

The 37-year-old forward said in an interview with overseas media at the Warrior Ice Arena on Tuesday that he intends to make a final decision regarding the end or continuation of his career as soon as possible. “I have a lot to think about. I will go home, talk to my family and make a … Read more