“You decide”: they denounce extortion against the owner of a minimarket in the capital where a worker was shot | National

The owner of the minimarket assaulted yesterday in Santiago, where a worker was shot in the head and is currently at risk of life, assured that everything happened because he did not allow himself to be extorted. Without detainees, the investigation continues after an assault that occurred on Monday night in Santiago, where the worker … Read more

France, couple at the bar while flames burn around. The owner of the club: «It was a moment of calm after the protests»

The video was published on March 25 and, in a short time, went around the web. The protagonists are a man and a woman, in the foreground, who continue to drink a glass of wine while a fire is burning in the background. According to “Tf1Info”, which analyzed the video, it would be images taken … Read more

‘Owner’ Hyeon-jun Moon “I missed a lot of things as a ban-pick, I was careless” [LCK]

T1’s jungler, “Owner” Hyeon-jun Moon. Riot Games Owner “I missed a lot as a ban-pick, I was careless” 😨 “Find confidence through victory. The winner of Gen.G-Hanwha Life is.,,” | 2023 LCK T1 vs KT Rolster | Cookie News ‘Owner’ Moon Hyeon-jun (T1), who returned from the shooting range, swept his heart. While acknowledging that … Read more

Store owner (66) in Veghel arrested for assaulting three female customers, car seized | 112

VEGHEL – A shop owner (66) was arrested in Veghel on Tuesday because he is suspected of assaulting three female customers. He would have assaulted one underage girl and two adult women in his business. This happened in 2015, 2019 and 2022. Mary van Gompel 24-03-23, 10:13 Latest update: 24-03-23, 13:42 Free unlimited access to … Read more

Property sales stalled|Hong Kong mother sells a property and reveals the deed of the property for 12 years. The owner passed away and the property cannot be sold.

Selling a property with a “finishing kick” is impossible! A recent episode of the TVB program “Looking East and West” reported that a Hong Kong mother of two children wanted to move to an area with a better school network and planned to sell a three-bedroom HOS flat in Siu Sai Wan. Afterwards, she learned … Read more

Tomra on wholesale in Norwegian technology: Becomes the largest owner in Kezzler, which receives 115 million in fresh money

REFERRING TO NEW EU RULES: – It changes the position of Kezzler completely. The company IS fantastically well positioned for growth in the coming years, says Patrick Sandahl in Investinor (left). Further to the right, Lars Enge in Tomra, Christine C. Akselsen in Kezzler and Kaare Helle in DNV Ventures. Photo: Anders Horntvedt

SAS in heated argument with aircraft owner in Japan – could affect Easter traffic

The article continues below the ad Out on the tarmac at Copenhagen Airport, one of SAS’ newest long-haul flagships is parked, with the engines sealed, and it has been like this since the end of January. This Airbus A350 aircraft is among a handful of aircraft that SAS has had to let go of during … Read more

The owner of the mutton stove killed the regular customers! After chopping and putting it in the freezer, she witnesses customers eating “human meat stove” every day | Entertainment | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Entertainment Center / Reported by Lin Qihua ▲There was a major criminal case of “Human Meat Stove” in Keelung. (Schematic diagram/data photo) Please read on…. The movie Human Meat Barbecued Pork Buns is horrifying. There has been a similar case in the history of public security in Keelung, namely the “Human Meat and Lamb Stove”. … Read more