Why a property owned by an SCI cannot always be used to guarantee a personal debt – Miscellaneous

Manager or partners must not endanger their SCI (© Damien Meyer – AFP) A member of an SCI had a debt. He had given a building that belonged to the SCI as a payment guarantee to his creditor. But the Court of Cassation recalled that this is not possible when it endangers the existence of … Read more

Bill Gates is now the largest farmland owner in the US

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has bought 98 hectares of private farmland in the US, making him the largest farm owner in the country. Word spread for several years that Gates was buying farmland in Florida and Washington. The well-known Microsoft founder is the fourth richest person in the world thanks to a net worth of … Read more

The US puts the owner of Puentes on its blacklist for collaborating with the Chinese Army »Galicia

The administration of Donald Trump gives the last squeeze to Chinese companies in the final stretch of his term. The US government announced this Thursday that it includes 44 other companies based in the Asian giant (including the smartphone maker Xiaomi or aeronautics Comac) on a commercial blacklist last month included the New owner of … Read more

Viral video | He knows how to deceive: the dog makes his owner believe that he has not eaten without permission and the scene goes around the world | Twitter | OVER THE COUNTER

There are a huge number of dog videos on the internet because they always get attention for their adorable actions. An example of this is a clip featuring a dog telling the time on social media such as Twitter for a very special reason. What was? Well, animals know how to cheat, since this animal … Read more

La Nación / The US $ 35,000 voucher already has an owner

By Eduardo Pipo Dios Columnist There is this that in love and in politics anything goes, I don’t know where it came from, but it is so silly that it is not worth investigating. This barbaric concept, which seems to have no limits, was strongly installed in national politics. It doesn’t matter what you have … Read more

José Maya, the owner of the Pavón theater complains about the bad gesti

The owners of the Pavón Theater complain about the attitude of the Kamikaze company, and claim to have suffered defamations by this group. The lack of resources and the economic crisis has forced the company to say goodbye. After almost five years of adventures on stage, at Pavón Theater the fateful moment has come to … Read more

Where are we with the easy termination of borrower insurance? – Expert opinion

Astrid Monnet Biography After a license in Information-Communication, Astrid Monnet turned to web marketing and web writing. She is currently a writer for an insurance broker. Created in 1999, Bonne-Assurance.com is an independent insurance and credit brokerage firm. For almost 20 years … Read more Being able to represent up to 30% of the total … Read more

From marketing to product owner

This time we want to talk about switching from marketing to the role of product owner. In this episode we will therefore speak with Stefanie Pokorski about your career from marketing to responsibility as a product owner. Stefanie is Senior Product Owner at ProSiebenSat.1 Tech Solutions GmbH and lets us participate in her personal development. … Read more

Luis Caicedo, injured at the last minute in the final against Barcelona in Quito; Franklin Guerra is the owner | National Championship | sports

Quito – A last-minute knee problem left Luis Caicedo, central defender of Liga de Quito, out of the second leg of the LigaPro Serie A 2020. Franklin Guerra is the one who unexpectedly occupies the title together with Moisés Corozo this Tuesday night. The news was reported minutes before the start of the game by … Read more

Product Owner Insurance (m / f / d) Languages ​​German, English at www.freelancermap.de

Product Owner Insurance (m / f / d) with Languages ​​German, English Westhouse is one of the leading international recruitment companies for the placement of highly qualified experts in areas such as IT life cycle, SAP, engineering, commercial and specialist consulting. We are currently looking for two for our customer Product Owner Insurance (m / … Read more