Juric, deservedly beaten D’Aversa. But what a risk with Vanya the owner

The Croatian deservedly defeated the Sampdoria opponent: Turin is now more and more aware CHOICES – Juric, as mentioned, proved to be reckless also in Marassi. First of all for the choice to focus on Vanja Milinkovic-Savic from 1 ‘after just two training sessions played by the Serbian, fresh from Covid. In this sense, for … Read more

Open the warp, who plays the role of Van Thitiphong, who is the owner of the great phrase Born as a son of a rich man…

This work has made many People even wondered a lot. Who is the role of Van Thitiphong? Today, the Khao Thai News team has an answer for you. which after investigating the recipient’s historyRole: Van Thitipong Come and have to exclaim that really not common For the actor who plays Van Thitipong in the clip … Read more

Co-Publisher has a new owner

Home page // Games // PC-Games // Farming Simulator 22: Co-Publisher has a new owner Düsseldorf (DE) / Wakefield (UK) – astragon Entertainment was taken over by the British Team17 Group. The takeover sum is 100 million euros, which also includes an initial amount of 75 million euros and 25 million euros. The EUR 25 … Read more

DISCOVER! “For whom is the budget for a full month’s living”; the owner of a lost valuable envelope is searched

A Facebook user on a social site is looking for the owner of an envelope with money. A Facebook user on the social network today posted an entry that has already been shared by 14,000 people. In the post, the woman writes: “This morning, around 7.55 in Ogre, near the bus stop” Priedītes “, I … Read more

He refuses to present his Covid Safe Ticket and stabs the bar owner: 15 months in prison

The Brussels Criminal Court on Friday morning handed down a 15-month prison sentence suspended for three years against a man accused of the knife attack on the owner of a cafe. On October 16, this man attacked the manager of a drinking establishment in the city center of Brussels, when he wanted to enter without … Read more

Do not touch your meal phone: the funny challenge launched by this restaurant owner from Tarn to

The month of January is often synonymous with resolutions. Some people decide to take up sport or to quit smoking, others take on the “Dry January” challenge which consists of do not drink a drop of alcohol for a month. In Albi (Tarn), the manager of the restaurant “Samy’s diner” has also decided to launch … Read more

Prince Andrew in conflict with his friend, the former owner of his Swiss chalet: he owed her 5.9 million euros

According to British media reports, Prince Andrew, 61, is trying to sell his chalet in Switzerland, valued at around 20 million euros, as quickly as possible, so that he can pay his legal fees. The son of Queen Elizabeth of England is accused by Victoria Giuffre, a 38-year-old American, of having raped her when she … Read more

Car with slogan against PM: Owner arrested

Thiruvananthapuram: The owner of a car that wrote slogans against Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been arrested. A man from Uttar Pradesh was arrested for driving into a hotel with a car. The car was taken into police custody. The museum police took the vehicle into custody in front of a bar hotel in Patna. … Read more

Óbuda sold the cult Buffalo inn at half price, the new owner has already demolished it

The Bivalyos inn was demolished, László Kiss, the mayor of Óbuda in the SE, decided to sell the property, he was the only applicant for the plot and the building to have access to the legendary restaurant well below the market price. The cult inn, which has been empty for 5 years near the Roman … Read more

Tesla owner claims to earn up to $ 800 a month mining cryptocurrency with his car

Published: 9 one 2022 20:40 GMT Siraj Raval’s favorite method is to use the JavaScript programming language to ‘hack’ into Tesla’s native central processing unit and connect the graphics processors directly to the electric motor. Siraj Raval, owner of a Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle who lives in San Francisco (California, USA), claims to be … Read more