Meta, which owns Facebook, builds the world’s fastest computer

Meta, the company that owns the popular social networking site Facebook, said it is building a supercomputer that it believes will be the fastest in the world by the end of work on it in the middle of this year. In a blog post, the company asserted that the supercomputer will benefit the company in … Read more

An unexpected surprise .. the world champion “vaccine refusal” owns a company that develops a treatment for Corona!

Although he refuses to receive the Corona vaccine, Reuters revealed that the world’s number one tennis player, Novak Djokovic, had bought a biotechnology company trying to develop an anti-coronavirus treatment. The Serbian star was recently the focus of global controversy because of his failed attempt to stay in Melbourne, to participate in the Australian Open, … Read more

New Listing Already ARA, Who Owns SEMA?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – PT Semacom Integrated Tbk (SEMA) shares closed at their highest level at Rp242 per share on Monday (10/1/2022), a 34.44% jump from the IPO price of Rp180 per share. Shares of PT Semacom Integrated Tbk (SEMA) were officially listed on the Development Board of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) today. SEMA … Read more

Nursery bonus confirmed in 2022: who owns it and what you need to know

5/10 © Ansa With Isee minors valid up to 25 thousand euros, the maximum bonus that can be obtained is 3 thousand euros per year (maximum monthly amount payable € 272.72 for 11 months); with Isee from 25,001 euros up to 40 thousand euros, it goes down to a maximum of 2.500 euro (month 227.27); … Read more

News, Fire | Stian has experienced large fires on several buildings he owns: – This has been a tragic year

Thursday morning it broke out fire in lithium batteries in Ryde’s premises in the center of Bergen. Shortly afterwards, the fire in Nygårdsgaten 94 was extinguished. A few days later, on Christmas Day 2, a new fire broke out at the address. This fire had major consequences, also for other parts of the building. Most … Read more

Who Owns NET TV? Crazy Rich who is also Suharto’s nephew

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The parent company of television media NET TV or PT Net Visi Media, plans to conduct an initial public offering (IPO) on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) early next year. Referring to the summary prospectus data published by the company on Monday (12/27/2021), Net Visi Media plans to offer a maximum … Read more

David Vélez owns La Haus, Loftt, Justos, Nubank and other businesses

The name of David Vélez was not widely known in Colombia years ago. However, with the arrival of Nubank the country, the label of this country now echoes and stands out among the fortunes of other old acquaintances from the world of business and finance. Vélez became more famous after being highlighted a few weeks … Read more

Springsteen no longer owns Born in the USA, he sold everything for 11 billion

Springsteen’s life’s work features about 300 songs, including hits such as Born in the USA and My Hometown. They are expected to make a decent living in the future, for example in commercials, movies and streaming services. The author will have no chance to stop it. Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Tina Turner, Shakira, Red Hot … Read more

New Bonus € 100 in paychecks: who owns it

With the reform of the personal income tax approved in recent days (after a bitter confrontation in the Council of Ministers between political forces and government representatives), there was talk of the fact that the 100 euro bonus in the paycheck it would have been reabsorbed by the tax deductions. In fact, however, this does … Read more