Portaltic.-The pace of updating to Windows 11 exceeds Microsoft’s expectations

MADRID, 26 Ene. (Portaltic/EP) – The operating system Windows 11 it is having a faster adoption than initially expected by Microsoft, a fact that the company identifies in the good reception it is having among computer users. Windows 11 began to be available to users early october last year, with the forecast of have completed … Read more

Vaccination is going at a turtle’s pace – Very few have received the third dose

MAs the date to make the third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine mandatory as the main immunization scheme to enter public and massive places approaches, the vast majority of the adult population is still out of compliance with that requirement. Until yesterday, 1,618,069 Dominicans had applied that third dose, despite the fact that according to … Read more

Shimao denies the sale of Shanghai Shimao Plaza for 10 billion yuan, but the pace of selling assets has not stopped jqknews

Shimao denies the sale of Shanghai Shimao Plaza for 10 billion yuan, but the pace of selling assets has not stopped Author: Zheng Na   [ 截至2021年12月29日,世茂集团完成了处置34.21亿元内地资产,收取资金23.49亿元。 ] The house is not easy to sell and financing is difficult to advance. Under the circumstance of tight liquidity, selling assets has become a key way for real … Read more

Liaoning team started the winning streak Du Feng: Liaoning basketball team’s lineup coach watched drooling_Shenzhen team_杨明_ contest

Original title: Liaoning team started their winning streak Du Feng: Liaoning basketball team’s lineup coach watched drooling Beijing News (Reporter Liu Chen) On the evening of January 4, the Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team defeated the Shenzhen team 93-80, rewriting the winning streak to 4 games and continuing to lead the standings. Head coach Yang Ming … Read more

B.Vanagas demonstrated the fastest pace in the Dakar prologue, the Lithuanian truck – TOP20

Lithuanian start times V.Žala / P.Fiuza – 10 am 11 min. A.Juknevičius / D.Zarinis – 10 am 17 min. B.Vanagas / F.Palmeiro – 10 a.m. 27 min. G.Petrus / Š.Paliokas – 10 am 41 min. R.Baciuška / O.Mena – 12 val. 15 min. V.Valiukevičius / P.Kavaliauskas – 12 p.m. 19 min. T.Jančys / I.Bražiūnas – … Read more

Mortgage prices continue to rise, but interest in them is at a record pace. People are scared

Mortgage prices are not coming to an end. Even so, interest in housing finance is record high and the volume of mortgages provided is growing. Their average interest rate is currently around 2.7%, but according to economists, it will soon reach 4.5%. According to experts, the high interest in mortgages is due to people’s fear … Read more

the pace of vaccinations must be accelerated, according to Alain Berset

The measures taken by the cantons and the Confederation for two weeks have not had all their effects “, notes the Minister of Health Alain Berset.” It is absolutely necessary to accelerate the rhythm of the vaccinations “, he declared Monday in front of the press. Until the end of the year, 3.3 million people … Read more

Milan, at the Arco della Pace the No Vax listen to their gurus on the first Saturday without marches for 20 weeks: “Hands off the children”

For the first time in 20 weeks, in the center of Milano no protests were held No Green pass and no attempted procession. Clear Saturday between Piazza Fontana and the del Duomo which was stormed only by tourists and Milanese engaged in Christmas shopping. It hadn’t happened since July 24th. Leaving the city center, a … Read more

Hamster: Inflation has taken a deadly pace, the main victims being the Czechs’ savings

Štěpán Křeček | 10. 12. 2021 | 2 comments | 4 441 People tightened their belts during the pandemic. As a result, household savings have risen to record levels. Unfortunately, the belts will not be released. Giant inflation is gradually eliminating the purchasing power of accumulated savings, says BHS chief economist Štěpán Křeček. It is currently … Read more