Pop art on wood | Don’t touch me the Helvetica

Twitter Facebook Linkedin Pinterest Mitch McGee is a Texas artist heavily influenced by pop art and Roy Lichtenstein, also a representative of pop culture and comics. Roy experimented with lithography, creating comic strips, this inspired Mitch to imagine how to recreate his work on other supports. Finally he chose wood, because he was familiar, from … Read more

Film Packaging Adhesives Market Size 2020, Global Stock Growth Analysis, Trends, Industry Analysis, Key Players, and Forecast to 2026 – Radio Petrer 107.2 fm

Comprehensive research of the global Film Packaging Adhesives market will enable well-established players as well as emerging ones to establish their business strategies and achieve their short-term and long-term goals. The Film Packaging Adhesives Market report also features a significant assessment of the scope of the regions and where potential growth opportunities may be found … Read more

console packaging revealed

After the announcement of the Xbox Series X release date and price, the main international retailers are organizing for the opening of pre-orders, kicks off on 22 September online and in physical stores. Canadian retailer La Source has already opened the pre-orders page, unveiling at the same time too Xbox Series X packaging artwork. A … Read more

Unilever will stop making cleaning products and packaging tea in Chile

The multinational Unilever reported this Thursday that as of October 3 it will stop producing cleaning products sold in the country at its own plants in Chile and that it will no longer pack the tea it sells in Chile. “The company will continue to be present in the country with its products, and committed … Read more

Packaging glass – Vetropack has also been affected by the pandemic

The net revenues of the Swiss group Vetropack fell by more than 10% compared to the same period last year. Posted today at 07:22 The logo of the company Vetropack in Buelach. KEYSTONE/archives The Swiss group Vetropack has also been affected by the global Covid-19 pandemic during the first half of the current fiscal year. … Read more

FOUND, Corona Virus Attached to Food Packaging in China, How Is It Possible?

Corona Virus Found Attached to Food Packaging at China, How could it be? POS-KUPANG.COM – Traces of the coronavirus were found on food packaging in China recently, on shipments of frozen shrimp and frozen chicken wings from South America. This again raises the question of whether the corona virus can be transmitted through food packaging. … Read more

Global Capsule Filling Machines Market 2020 – Major Manufacturers: (Bosch Packaging Technology, Capsugel, ACG Worldwide and MG2)

The Manufacturers, Country, Type and Application, Forecast to 2029 Market research report titled Capsule filling machines market 2020 describes each variable that influences and controls the Capsule Filling Machines market. The report covers market characteristics, volume, growth, segmentation, market share, models, competitive landscape, and regional breakdowns. The market size chapter covers the sales revenue, reflecting … Read more

Not Many Know, This Is The Function Of The Label On Food Packaging

With the information listed on the label, consumers can choose products according to their needs. “We can review the label function from two sides. From a producer perspective, labels can be a means of communication with consumers. Manufacturers can inform the content of the product on the label. “ The second function, label is a … Read more

Medical Marijuana Packaging Market Growth Revenue, Gross Margin and Types, Industry Demand 2026 – Thesneaklife

Our team of experts presented a new research report on “Global Medical Marijuana Packaging Market Forecast 2020-2026” whose main goal is to provide a comprehensive study of the global industry so that users can benefit from a comprehensive Medical Marijuana Packaging industry research study with all of the important statistics on selected industries. Apart from … Read more