Medieval relics in a pendant discovered in the rubbish – Science and art

Bone fragments, possibly the relics of a saint, have been discovered inside a medieval pendant found in rubbish in the old city of Mainz, Germany. It has them identified the research group of the Leibniz Center for Archeology and the University of Munich, who managed to visualize the contents of the pendant dating back to … Read more

Software Harvest (18/01/2023): better packaging system for Debian and Ubuntu

Nala A neat alternative to the APT packaging system used by all Debian-based Linux distributions (including Ubuntu). It does basically the same thing as APT, plus it can handle parallel package downloads, has an interactive history feature, and can automatically find the fastest download mirror. But the biggest added value is how it looks. Like … Read more

The new M&M’s packaging only has female characters

PFemale characters are nothing new in the M&M’s universe. Last September, the brand introduced a new element, Purple. New are the limited edition packaging that will only join the female range of well-known chocolates. There are three characters that can be seen in the recent boxes where it is possible to read “Flipping the Status … Read more

A new amendment is making its way to the Seimas – an “ultimatum” for packaging manufacturers: it would help residents save 13 million. euros

An “ultimatum” for packaging manufacturers and importers will be considered in the Seimas: they will have to recycle all plastic packaging or they will have to pay a pollution tax. The initiative has already received criticism – experts note that it is simply impossible to recycle all plastic, and charging non-recycled packaging would affect consumers’ … Read more

FACC: with sustainable packaging for…

At the aerospace company FACC the export rate is 100 percent. This means that logistics and packaging are of particular importance in the company: Thousands of aircraft parts have to be securely packed every month. The packaging concept at FACC, based in Ried im Innkreis, is now to become sustainable. The goal: to become CO2-neutral … Read more

The Nokia X30 Comes In A More Sophisticated Recycled Packaging Powered By The Snapdragon 695 SoC

SULTEN METRO–Nokia The X30 comes in a recycled box with a SIM tool, and a USB-C to USB-C cable. It doesn’t come bundled with a power adapter, so you’ll have to buy it separately if you don’t already have a compatible charger. Nokia The X30 is built around a 6.43″ FullHD+ 90Hz AMOLED display which … Read more

Because Esselunga is recalling Parmigiano Reggiano packaging

Esselunga is withdrawing several packs of Parmigiano Reggiano from its supermarkets because due to a labeling error some packs could contain Grana Padano. The fact was made known by the supermarket chain through a use. The lot concerned is P1843 and the product is sold in vacuum-packed portions of approximately 800-900 g, with a minimum … Read more

Global Aluminum Caps For Packaging Market Size And Forecast

New Jersey, United States – Verified Market Research recently published a research report titled “Global Aluminum Caps for Packaging Market Overview, Forecast to 2028» evaluating various factors impacting its trajectory. The Global Aluminum Caps for Packaging Market report offers high quality, accurate and comprehensive research study to equip players with valuable information to make strategic … Read more