The president of Partizan revealed how much the club paid for a nominal invitation to the Euroleague

Belgrade’s Partizan club returns to the Euroleague after an eight-year hiatus. It is true that this was not done by winning the European Cup or the Adriatic League on a sporting basis, but by receiving a nominal invitation. As it turned out now, it cost the club 500 thousand euros. “We have paid 500,000 for … Read more

Wales, golf, LA, but … not the money: Bale is not even among the 10 highest paid players in the MLS

Wales, Golf and now … Los Angeles. But of course, not the money. Gareth Bale has confirmed his transfer to Los Angeles FC, but the salary he will earn will be low enough for a footballer of his reputation … Wales, Golf and now … Los Angeles. But of course, not the money. Gareth Bale … Read more

Cheferin: People who are paid a thousand euros should not cry

2022-06-25 20:59 © Reuters photo UEFA President Alexander Cheferin spoke about the future format of the Champions League and the complaints of famous coaches. The Slovenian told La Gazzetta dello Sport that everything is well planned and that the upcoming fights will delight the audience in a couple of years. “Once we have drawn the … Read more

The paid additional character “Yu Jun Tian Yuan” of “Ghost Slayer, God of Fire, God of Blood” will make a gorgeous debut in July 2022! – funglr Games

“PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Steam, and Nintendo Switch are all well-received on sale.Ghost killing blade fire god blood wind Tan」Finally, a while ago, when the long-awaited Nintendo Switch version hit the market, the popularity of the version that had been released on other platforms also revived.After the release of “Demon Slayer’s Blade … Read more

This famous artist kidnapped with her beauty the heart of a Gulf prince, so he married her on the spot… and the surprise was the dowry he paid her!

At the beginning of her artistic life, the Egyptian artist, Shams Al-Baroudi, married Saudi Prince Khaled bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, in 1969. In a legendary wedding, but this marriage did not last, as they separated after only three months of marriage. In a rare photo, Al-Baroudi appears wearing a wedding dress with her husband, Prince … Read more

How to Get a FREE Fund Balance, Just Watch Instagram Paid Rp250k, the Latest 2022 Money-Making APK, Make a Cuan Harvest!

KLIKKORAN.COM – In this review, there is a series of information on how to get a free Fund balance by watching Instagram, Youtube and Facebook. Get additional income solutions that can be obtained directly while playing social media such as Instagram, Youtube, or Facebook quickly and practically. Don’t miss the opportunity to earn extra income … Read more

New Viral Facts Grandpa is Paid with Play Money, Turns out to be a Lie about the Foreman, Here’s His Confession

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Latest facts from viral grandfather is paid to use play money in Regency Onion Bones West (Tubaba), Lampung, was revealed. The grandfather’s confession about the toy money the foreman gave him was a lie. The facts are known after the police Onion Bones do the deepening. Including interrogating the 72-year-old grandfather named Sunardi. … Read more

Telegram comes with paid subscription – News

Messaging service Telegram now has 700 million monthly active users, and is therefore also looking for a way to make money. The new subscription feature is a “premium” version of Telegram, which gives you additional settings. How much such a subscription costs has not yet been released, but it seems that it will be about … Read more

Retirees, beware, taxes must be paid by June 30 – Pensions – Useful truth

Do retirees have to file a tax return and when are they entitled to a refund? If you work in addition to your pension or have an income that is subject to income tax, you must file a tax return and pay income tax. If you did not do so by March 31 and requested … Read more

If Paid Rp9 Trillion, WBC Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury Is Ready To Rise In The Ring Again

Jakarta, tvOne WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury says he is “finished” with boxing, but is ready to enter the ring again if he is promised a fee of £500 million. Last April Fury knocked out fellow Briton Dillian Whyte to defend his belt before telling fans straight away that he would keep his promise to … Read more