He paid PLN 1,500 for a ticket to the national team match. He showed what he got for the price [WIDEO]

When going to a match of the Polish national team at the National Stadium, most fans do not even consider buying a VIP ticket, which costs several times more than the one for a regular stand behind the goal or along the pitch. TikTok user @ksiazulo decided to pay PLN 1,500 and then share his … Read more

Wednesday evening, a tribute was paid to Roxane, killed in Flémalle by her companion

At the call of Marianne, the women’s movement of the PTB which fights against sexism and inequality, citizens gathered at the end of the day on Wednesday in the parking lot of the municipal administration to pay tribute to Roxane, the last known victim of femicide in Belgium. of videos PTB “When we learned that … Read more

The possibility of reducing electricity bills by as much as 40%: solutions that would help to significantly reduce the amounts paid for electricity

As the capacity of renewable solar and wind energy increases in the country, the need for balancing the power grid, which ensures an even supply of electricity, also grows. Although Lithuanian renewable energy producers and generating consumers have been able to participate in the balancing market for a couple of years, only a very small … Read more

Bukayo Saka Starts Thinking About Manchester City, Arsenal Will Make Him The Highest Paid Player In Club History

Arsenal are well aware of Man City’s approach and are ready to make Saka the player with the biggest salary in the club’s history. Saka continues to be approached by Man City Arsenal ready to give a fantastic contract Saka has a good connection with Arteta WHAT HAPPENED? Daily Mail reported that Bukayo Saka would … Read more

The 2,000 illegal workers on construction sites in Venice: «They paid them 7 euros an hour»

Almost two thousand workers paid with miserable and irregular wages in the shipyards of Venice. The Guardia di Finanza discovered them as part of an investigative activity coordinated by the prosecutor’s office. The investigation revealed the existence of systematic exploitation of the workforce within the Venetian shipyards. These are workers who were paid with irregular … Read more

Twitter is worth $20 billion. Less than half of what Elon Musk paid for it

Elon Musk paid $44 billion in 2022 to buy Twitter. Now, in an email sent to employees referring to a new stock compensation program, the American billionaire values ​​Twitter at about $20 billion. A value closer to what it had before the purchase of Musk The email was seen by The Information. Musk informed employees … Read more

Someone paid almost 1.8 million for this 35-year-old Volvo. It was driven by Paul Newman

It’s no secret that Paul Newman was an avid car enthusiast. A native of Cleveland, USA, with Slovak roots, he was not only an actor, director and philanthropist, but also a car racer. His result in the 24 Hours of Le Mans is memorable, when he finished first in class and second overall with a … Read more

The only Škoda Forman in the USA drove Americans crazy, they paid more for it than for the domestic icon

The only Škoda Forman in the USA drove Americans crazy, they paid more for it than for the domestic icon 25.3.2023 | Petr Prokopec / Photo: Bring A Trailer, press materials Forman is a car that a lot of people in our country wouldn’t even lean a wheel on. And according to that, ordinary pieces … Read more

“My salary is not paid by murderers. I do not take money from dead Ukrainians” – Basketball – Sportacentrs.com

“I have to think about myself first. It has always been an honor to wear the shirt of the French national team, but I have to think about my family, about my future, about my children. If it is best from the economic and basketball point of view to stay in Russia, then I will … Read more

An imaginary amount.. Here is how much Mohamed Ramadan was paid after participating in the Ramez Jalal program

The Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, fell into the trap of the Egyptian actor and presenter, Ramez Jalal, in the first episode of the “Ramez Never End” program. The episode began with the Lebanese media, Carla Haddad, hosting Muhammad Ramadan in a restaurant in Riyadh, and Ramez Jalal commented from the first moment. As time progressed, … Read more