How to watch TV without ending back pain

If we added all the hours that we have dedicated to seeing T.V. series (Let’s not say to the programming of the multiple cable networks, free, public and other television models) in our years of life, We could have completed the degrees of Medicine and Aerospace Engineering with their corresponding masters, their Erasmus and their … Read more

helps with chronic pain

Pain after breast cancer surgery Due to breast cancer, it is necessary after breast removal, the so-called postmastectomy pain occurs mainly in the chest, armpits, possibly affecting the shoulder, arm, and often lasts for a long time. It is also not uncommon for this type of pain to occur after partial breast-conserving surgery, even after … Read more

Sofía Zámolo, anguished by her mother’s health: “I ask God and Our Lady not to feel pain”

Cristina Guerrero suffers from pancreatic and liver cancer and the model takes refuge in faith. Publication date: January 12, 2021, 12:22 p.m. Before his daughter California was born, he broke the news to her with an emotional video. He has no consolation. This week, Sofia Zamolo communicated the most painful news on his networks: his … Read more

Patient receives 50,000 euros in compensation for pain and suffering after prostate removal: doctor withholds suspicion of cancer – Paderborn

The urologist suspected prostate cancer for a long time, but did not pursue it with the necessary rigor for unexplained reasons and did not initiate any further examinations. Lawyer Marc Melzer from Bad Lippspringe, specialist lawyer for medical, social and insurance law: “In 2012 my client’s family doctor found an increased PSA value of 6.7 … Read more

Lorena Meritano ‘changed pain for freedom’: covered the scars of her mastectomy with tattoos

Lorena Meritano suffered four years from breast cancer. She appeared in Colombian soap operas such as Betty la Fea and Pasión de Gavilanes. Argentine actress Lorena Meritano, who is part of ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’, one of the most watched telenovelas in Colombia since its premiere in 2003, and its broadcast on the country’s small screen … Read more

homeless women perform theater to combat stigma and spit pain

The theater is an empowering weapon, so believes the social worker Carmen Tamayo, who also has a degree in Dramatic Art from the Cristina Rota School. She is the director of the theater group formed by homeless women and victims of sexist violence Women, as well as director of The complaint of a goddess, the … Read more

“Today is the last day”: in the midst of deep pain, Vero Lozano and the saddest farewell on Telefe

Very strong was what was experienced in the last hours in Telefe, more precisely in the program that True Lozano she carries out every afternoon surrounded by a group of great panelists. And it is that Antonia’s mother must have made the saddest farewell of all in front of the viewers, in the middle of … Read more

“I’m very sorry, dear Ale, it will always live in you”: Fantino and a great pain that moved everyone

In recent years, he has been able to establish himself, indisputably, as one of the most recognized journalists in the media in our country. And it is that next to Jorge Rial, Guillermo Andino, Antonio Laje Y Luis Novaresio, Alejandro Fantino It is part of the great stars of America TV. But this time, the … Read more

“We caused ourselves a lot of pain”: Regina Blandón spoke about the reasons for her divorce

The actress spoke of the lack of communication in couples and that you have to work on honesty (Screenshot: Youtube Pinky Promise)The actress Regina Blandón spoke about her divorce process after a difficult and short-lived marriage, as she was married less than a year, becoming one of the saddest processes of her life. Despite the … Read more