Renew driving license? IMT will remind by SMS (here’s what to do)

O Mobility and Transport Institute (IMT) informed that, as of this Wednesday, November 30th, the send messages to drivers who have expired or about to expire driving licensesso to alert them to the need to proceed with revalidation the same. Em announcementthe IMT explains that this “direct communication” with the driver will be done by … Read more

Mercadona opens its first store in the Lisbon district on December 15

JThere is no date for Mercadona to arrive in the Lisbon district. the spanish brand the supermarket in Taguspark, in Oeiras, will open on the 15th of Decemberthus closing the year with 39 establishments in national territory. “This is the last of the ten supermarkets that the company proposed to open this yearending 2022 with … Read more

Men can reduce risk of colorectal cancer by following this diet

FEating a diet rich in whole grains, vegetables and legumes but without unhealthy plant foods (such as refined grains, fruit juices or those with added sugars) significantly reduces the risk of colorectal cancer in men, says a new study. Thanks to the study, published in BMC Medicinescientific journal, researchers at Kyung Hee University in South … Read more

‘Tear up’ telecommunications contract? You can now do it online

Jthe was launched Contract Termination Platform telecommunications, after being published, in Diário da República, the order that provides for the measure. The portal is managed by the Directorate-General for Consumers and allows customers to terminate a contract with a specific operator. “Here you can access information regarding your electronic communications contracts, as well as, if … Read more

“In the medium term we will have cheaper, more competitive energy”

“Sto [as energias renováveis] highly competitive, as this energy crisis in Europe is demonstrating. And therefore, in the medium term we will have cheaper, more competitive energy“, said António Costa Silva, at the inauguration of the new Nokia research and development center in 5G and 6G, in Alfragide. The minister highlighted that Nokia is very … Read more

Single photo shows Fátima Lopes aged 16, “back in the days when she was an athlete”

EA unique image of Fátima Lopes’ adolescence is circulating on the internet. The image shows the communicator at just 16 years old. “Fátima Lopes in the days when she was an athlete”, can be read in the caption of the record, captured at the time when “she was a sprinter in the sports group of … Read more

Don’t buy new cars and keep the old ones, says BMW official

Sand not buying a new car too often is promoting sustainability. This is what the head of BMW’s sustainability department, Monika Dernai, said at an event in London, England. According to Dernai, the car industry can reduce waste by encouraging consumers to keep their cars and renew them, rather than buying new ones. “We really … Read more

Look for a job. Five tips for a successful search

Plooking for a job can be a difficult and challenging process, but the important thing is not to get discouraged and stay active in the search. the recruiting company Michael Page presents five pieces of advice that can be particularly useful for those who are just entering the job market. Tome note: 1. Know your … Read more

Margot Robbie drank tequila while filming her sex scene with DiCaprio

GFalling in love with Leonardo DiCaprio is reason enough for anyone to feel nervous, but for Margot Robbie there was a special trick that helped her. At age 22, Margot starred opposite DiCaprio in the movie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and at one point even had to record a sex scene with the actor. … Read more

Killed the rapist of the children, but did not end the “nightmares”

HEight years ago, Sarah Sands stabbed to death her children’s rapist, who had previously been convicted of sexually abusing minors. One autumn night in 2014, the British woman left her London home with a hood over her head and armed with a knife. She walked into the neighboring apartment block and headed to the home … Read more