Tells the seconds that her husband was shot by the KKB, the wife: he was lying, I called Papa Iyan to wake up … Page all– Jenazah Oktovianus Rayo, teacher in charge of elementary school (SD) Kampung Julukoma, District Lively, Puncak Regency, Papua, arrived at the funeral home in Lembang Sa’dan Pebulian, Sa’dan District, Monday (12/4/2021). The first victim shot by KKB This was also greeted by the sobs of the family who had been waiting for several days to … Read more

Pope: sharing property is not communism, it is Christianity – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, APRIL 11 – Sharing ownership “is not communism, it is pure Christianity”. The Pope said this in the homily of the Mass on the Feast of Divine Mercy. Commenting on the passage from the Acts of the Apostles which says that “no one considered his property what belonged to him, but among … Read more

Rome, the Via Crucis still in the sign of the pandemic: the boys protagonists of the celebration in St. Peter’s Square

Once again, there is not the imposing setting of the Colosseum on Good Friday, but precisely the narrower, but no less evocative setting of St. Peter’s Square. The faithful this year are there, but they are very few, seated and spaced out on the sides of the churchyard, all with masks, even the smallest. The … Read more

Vice-rector of the Shrine of Fatima leaves the priesthood

The vice-rector of the Sanctuary of Fátima, Father Vítor Coutinho, was released from the “obligations of the clerical state and celibacy”, by Bishop D. António Marto, according to a decree of suspension, cited by the newspaper Região de Leiria. Father Vítor Coutinho had already left his duties as chief of staff to Cardinal Marto last … Read more

Ahmed Thiou to Wally Seck: “Papa Thione wanted him to take better care of those around him”

Ahmed Thiou was very close to Thione Seck. Moreover, on the eve of his death, Papa Thione gave Ahmed some instructions for an opus he was to release. Invited on the Kheucha plateau, Ahmed Thiou returned to the beautiful gestures of Thione Seck. Dancer Raam Daan also gave Wally Seck some advice for the rest … Read more

Martín Redrado’s son denied his father’s reconciliation with Luciana Salazar and she viralized the young man’s controversial chats

The media war that Luciana Salazar (40) unleashed on social networks against Martin Redrado (59), after discovering that he was accompanied by a woman in Miami, added a new chapter in the last hours. It is that in the last hours, the model, panelist and host crossed strongly the son of his ex? couple, Thomas … Read more

“I didn’t often go to Papa Ugo when he was sick, that’s my regret” –

«The houses where I lived were artists’ workshops: my mother a dancer, my father an actor, director and cooking enthusiast. I was fed on bread and cinema and, at a certain point, you ask yourself: what do you want to do when you grow up? ». Ricky Tognazzi, son of Ugo Tognazzi and Pat O’Hara, … Read more

Two days before the papal visit: ten rockets reach base with US soldiers in Iraq | International

Two days before a historic visit by Pope Francis, at least 10 rockets They fell on a base housing US soldiers in western Iraq, Iraqi and Western security sources reported. The Ain al Asad military base, in the Iraqi Al Anbar province (west), where United States troops are stationed, was attacked with ten missiles, with … Read more

“I killed papa”: insulted and beaten, Linda Weber kills her husband Richard Piron with 7 bullets

The facts unfolded on the eve of the wedding anniversary of the couple Richard Piron and Linda Weber Linda Weber and Richard Piron had not been a happy couple for a long time. Their daily life was punctuated by reproaches, insults and beatings, all against a background of alcohol. Since the family arrived at number … Read more