“It’s horrible and it happens all day” – Paparazzi Magazine

Estefi Berardi It is a real box of surprises. This time he left with a face of astonishment both Carmen Barbieri like pampito, with whom you share a screen every day on very morning, by revealing completely unknown (and absolutely disgusting) secrets of Cristian Castro, the mega star of the song born in Mexico and … Read more

his daughter Flor announced her second pregnancy in less than… – Paparazzi Magazine

Less than a year after giving birth to her first daughter, Julieta, the fruit of her relationship with her husband Gustavo Vanadia, with whom he has been married for two years, the daughter of Boring Prada He announced through social networks and with a tender post that he is again in the sweet wait. “happy … Read more

The punishment that China Suárez received from Rodrigo Lussich after seeing her casting as a child – Paparazzi Magazine

Every famous person has a small beginning, a small appearance that remains in history and then resurfaces when success is achieved. And they reviewed that on the “Intruders” program. Lussich shared the beginnings of María Becerra, Dan Breiman, Mónica Farro, but when it was the turn of the China Suarez he was shocked. During his … Read more

After military anti-vaccination, Ivana Nadal settled in Miami and her followers asked her for explanations – Paparazzi Magazine

Ivana Nadal Since he left the media, he moved away from modernity and decided to lead a fairly light lifestyle. In fact, many people were outraged to see the great spiritual change that the model had gone through, they criticized her for trying to follow hippie ideologies. However, she decided to look to the side. … Read more

After the scandal with Laje, María Belén Ludueña received the best news of her life – Paparazzi Magazine

Mary Ludueña Nativity Scene He left Good Morning America with a bitter taste. As time went by, it became known that the disconsolate cry of the journalist was for Antonio Laje, who hosts the news in America. In fact, what happened with the panelist made many women not shut up anymore and denounce him for … Read more