New Species of Ancient Giant Kangaroo Found in Papua New Guinea Mountains, Like What? from Flinder University, Australia have successfully described a new genus kangaroo giants based on fossils found in the mountains Papua New Guinea middle. This description also shows that the ancient giant kangaroo is not related to the Australian kangaroo but is a unique genus of more primitive kangaroos found only in Papua New Guinea. … Read more

China’s quest for a major Pacific agreement has failed. At least one Pacific state was against – ČT24 – Czech Television

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang I on Thursday launched a ten-day trip to the Pacific visiting Solomon Islands, with which Beijing has recently signed a security agreement. Kiribati, Samoa, Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea and East Timor were also on the agenda. Wang was to negotiate with representatives of other countries that China envisions should … Read more

First Interstellar Meteor to Hit Earth Falls in Papua New Guinea All – It was recently revealed the fact that meteor The first interstellar to hit Earth crashed in Papua New Guinea in 2014. This information was only revealed after two researchers published their paper. So far they have had difficulty publishing it. Reported CBS News, Friday (15/4/2022), the researchers were Dr. Amir Siraj and Dr. … Read more

Interstellar Meteor Hits Earth for the First Time, Location is Indonesia’s Neighbor

loading… An interstellar meteor hit Earth for the first time in 2014 off the coast of Papua New Guinea, Indonesia’s eastern neighbor. Foto/ WASHINGTON – Secret United States (US) documents reveal that an interstellar meteor for the first time hit Earth. It happened in 2014 off the coast of Papua New Guinea, its eastern neighbour … Read more

US agency confirms fireball in Papua New Guinea sky is an interstellar object

A fireball blazed across the skies of Papua New Guinea in 2014. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, PAPUA New Guinea — The United States Space Command (USCC) confirmed that a fireball blazing in the sky Papua New Guinea in 2014 is actually a fast -moving object from another star system. The object is a small meteorite measuring just 0.45 … Read more

Why is the vaccination rate still low in some countries?

Supply shortages remain a problem, but experts say there are now other issues such as unpredictability of deliveries, fragile health care systems and doubts about vaccines. Most of the countries with low vaccination rates are in Africa. Until the end of February, in 13 African nations, only 5% of their populations had the complete guideline, … Read more

A month lost and tossed around in the ocean, this man calls a moment of rest

loading… PORT MORESBY – Two men from Solomon Islands who spent 29 days lost at sea after their GPS tracker stopped working has been rescued offshore Papua New Guinea or 400 kilometers away from where they started their journey. Livae Nanjikan and Junior Qoloni departed from Mono Island, in the Western province of the Solomon … Read more