Gabika Marcinková published the first photo after Jakubek’s pardon

Sympathetic actress Gabriela Marcinková gave birth to her son a few days ago. He has a baby with his partner Martin Mihalčín and they gave him a beautiful name Jakubko. Gabika confirmed her second pregnancy last year in November and her daughter So Emka finally got a younger brother. Gabriela Marcinková Source: Emil Vaško, archive … Read more

Bitcoin pardon punishment… Promoting a bill to ban virtual currency in India

Photo = Getty Image Bank The Indian government is pushing for a bill banning virtual currency, Reuters reported. On the 15th, Reuters cited an anonymous high-ranking official from the Indian government, saying that the bill would completely ban virtual currency from holding to issuance, mining, trading, and transfer. The Indian government said it plans to … Read more

Received 11.11 million won in subsidies for the pardon of’Tesla 3’in Busan..Hyundai Motor Kona 13 million won

On the 13th,’Tesla Model Y’, the second electric SUV model, was first unveiled at the Tesla Gallery on the 1st floor of Lotte Department Store’s Yeongdeungpo branch in Seoul. [사진 출처 = 연합뉴스] Subsidies for electric vehicle purchases in Busan more than doubled from last year. According to the city of Busan on the 22nd, … Read more

‘Pardon my Icelandic’: Scandinavian humor requires a gift of languages ​​| Television

Icelandic comedian Ari Eldjárn says that in school he learned Danish, Spanish and French. It does not cite English because its dominance is taken for granted in any Scandinavian country. A Danish and a Swede would understand each other speaking their language, but the common thing is that they do it in English, in which … Read more

Senate Committee approved legislating bill that seeks to pardon inmates of the outbreak

The Senate Human Rights Commission approved this Monday the idea of legislate the bill that aims to grant pardons to those detained for crimes linked to the social outbreak October 2019. With 3 votes in favor and 2 against, the bill presented by a group of opposition senators It must also be discussed in the … Read more

Senate Human Rights Commission approves idea of ​​legislating a general pardon project for detainees in the social outbreak

The Senate Human Rights Commission approved this afternoon -by three votes in favor and two against- the idea of ​​legislating the draft general pardon for detainees in the social outbreak. The parliamentary initiative was entered the Upper House on December 9, 2020, with the support of the president of the Upper House, Adriana Muñoz (PPD), … Read more

Underneath Tudorel Toader’s revelations about the PSD leader who proposed his dismissal from the post of minister

The revelations of the former Minister of Justice, Tudorel Toader, regarding the message received in April 2019 from Marian Oprişan, the former leader of PSD and of the Vrancea County Council, by which he was informed of the reasons for his dismissal, are not not accidental. These come in the context in which Tudorel Toader … Read more

Trump allies have received money from criminals seeking clemency | The world

Allies and associates of Donald Trump have received tens of thousands of dollars in dues from those seeking pardons from the president; according to reports from New York Times of this Sunday. According to documents and interviews with more than three dozen lobbyists and lawyers, the pressure for clemency intensified as it became clear that … Read more

Trump’s pardon of Iraqi Blackwater contractors violates international law: UN

Blackwater Worldwide security guard Nick Slatten (center) and lawyers leave federal court after being indicted along with four colleagues on murder charges for allegedly killing 14 unarmed civilians and wounding 20 others in a 2007 shooting in Baghdad . Image from January 6, 2009. REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst / File Photo reuters_tickers This content was … Read more