It almost cost his parents their house, but Ian (7) finally has his very expensive earpiece: “He can hear something now and then” (Boom)

Boom – Seven-year-old Ian Bunneghem from Boom underwent surgery this week in the United States to give him a working right earpiece. “The operation went very well”, says dad Yannick from San Francisco. “At the moment there is still a protective shell left, but Ian says he already hears ‘pop, pop’ in his ear every … Read more

Olesya’s children, husband and parents died in Ukraine. She joined the army. “This is my family now”

Oleś lost two children, her husband, parents and in-laws during the war in Ukraine. The woman joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine to help her compatriots. – This is an attempt to save oneself, to find the purpose of life – says Oleś. Olesia worked as a surgeon in Italy, but after losing her loved … Read more

Parents in court after son (15) shoots four classmates: ‘They laughed at me’ | Abroad

Ethan Crumbley, aged 15, shot and killed four students on November 30, 2021, and wounded six students and a teacher at Oxford High School, Michigan, US. He himself has pleaded guilty to quadruple murder and terrorism. But shortly after the shooting, his parents were also arrested. Jennifer and James Crumbley must stand trial for involuntary … Read more

Their parents forbade them to marry, so they got married after 60 years

Jeanette Steer, now 78, and Len Allbrighton, a year older, met as health workers on the Isle of Wight. They liked each other so much that they wanted to get married soon and move to Australia. But Jeanette’s parents didn’t even want to hear about the wedding. In 1963, girls under the age of twenty-one … Read more

50% of children’s photos on porn websites, new law in France punishes parents for posting photos

France has passed a new law guaranteeing better privacy and security for children. Parents will have control over sharing their children’s photos and videos on social media. The new bill itself was passed to ensure privacy for children. The French Assembly passed the bill represented by MP Bruno Studer. Under the new law, courts will … Read more

parents can’t post children photos, parents will be punished if they share photos of children on social media in france

Sharing children’s photos on social media is something most parents do. But France has banned them by law, finding that it affects children’s privacy. A bill has been approved to penalize children sharing photos on social media platforms even if it is the mother or father. MP Bruno Studer, who represented the bill, said that … Read more

Brutal: Violence against referee and out-of-control parents in abandoned U16 match | Sports

On March 15, VFA Geležinis Vilkas and FK Žalgiris met in the Samsung Galaxy Watch Elite Junior League match. A lot of contact, fouls, cards, rough football, uncensored remarks from the parents of young people, abuse of the referee and even throwing snow – this was the background of the meeting at the stadium of … Read more

5 Portraits of Artist’s Children Who Follow Their Parents Undergo the Umrah Worship

Homeland artist families always reap the public attention, right? The various activities they do always steal attention, including when they are going to perform Umrah worship. Some artists show their solidarity with their families by bringing their children to the Holy Land. (Photo: Instagram @dindahw)

Putting parents back at the heart of education and reading

I met Laure for the first time at the Abidjan International Book Fair in May 2022. Our discussions quickly converged on Bayard production, which I know well, having represented it for more than 10 years in Egypt. Laure Blédou is a direct, frank person who overflows with an infectious enthusiasm. Very naturally, we stayed in … Read more