MARATHON: Run Experience, the first start of the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris

The Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris is a great experience. WELCOME TO RUN EXPERIENCE, WELCOME TO THE SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC MARATHON DE PARIS D-Day, of course, this famous Sunday, April 2, marked for so long in the diaries. But not only. From Thursday March 30, when the first participants, often accompanied by their friends or family, … Read more

Prang Kannarun has answered, who did you go to Paris with? Allowed to return on honeymoon

latest Prang Kannaran Has posted a picture that reveals that this trip is referred to with a friend. which is a friend who will go on a honeymoon with her husband in Paris and write a caption saying “It’s time to say a speech. Honeymoons only happen once in a marriage. but he saw that … Read more

Confession of a Cleaning Service that Found a Hotman Paris Wallet: If I Know the Contents of 70 Million, I Will Not Run Away, Jakarta Hotman Paris still can’t stop thinking about the kindness of Edi Sonjaya, the officer cleaning service mall Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, which found and then returned the lawyer’s wallet. The wallet apparently contained Singapore and US dollars worth 70 million rupiah. Three times Hotman Paris gave rewards, Edi Sonjaya refused. For him, being … Read more

The fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has revealed a great architectural secret

During the restoration works of the cathedral, the former architectural innovations were revealed, which allowed the building to become the tallest cathedral of its era in the 12th century – at that time it reached a height of approximately 32 meters. This height, it turns out, was largely achieved thanks to the use of iron … Read more

Paris Hilton writes her memoirs thanks to this movie

Singer Demi Lovato’s film inspired Paris Hilton to write her memoirs (Daily Mail) Monday 20 March 2023 / 16:28 Famous artist Paris Hilton revealed that Demi Lovato’s documentary inspired her to write her latest memoir. Paris Hilton, 42, who welcomed her son Phoenix in January, released her memoir earlier this month. She talks candidly about … Read more

Scientists studying the burnt-out Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris have discovered a structure never seen before: nothing like it has ever existed

In 2019, the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris was devastated by a huge fire – the flames severely damaged the iconic medieval structure. Later, when the restorers took up the reconstruction work, unique structures of this structure were discovered, which scientists had not seen before in the architecture of that era. A few months after the … Read more

“One Night in Morocco”, an event concert at the Olympia in Paris

Baptized “One Night in Morocco”, this concert will bring together for the first time on the mythical stage of the Olympia the artists of the old and the new generation. According to the organizers, it is a memorable evening, rich in emotion, which will allow artists to savor “Gnawa music to Judeo-Sephardic, Arab-Andalusian music and … Read more

6 Nations 2023 – “Welsh problems are piling up like garbage in Paris”… The top declas of the weekend!

6 NATIONS 2023 – An incendiary press towards Wales, Thomas Ramos’ new record, France’s second place in the Tournament, the lingering suspense over Bernard Le Roux and the Portuguese selection which had a historic year… Here is the top declas of the weekend! The 6 Nations Tournament ended yesterday with the last three matches of … Read more