Police on Malioboro Bus Parking Rp. 350 thousand: Not Extortion

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The police have asked for information from the parking lot manager bus from Malioboro Yogyakarta, which is said to set a tariff of Rp. 350,000, has gone viral on social media. Yogyakarta Police Chief Kombes Pol Purwadi Wahyu Anggoro ensured that his staff did not find any indications of illegal extortion … Read more

Viral Bus Parking in Yogyakarta Rp. 350 thousand, Deputy Heroe Asks Perpetrators to Be Legally Processed

Merdeka.com – A post on social media Facebook containing complaints about the high fares for bus parking in the city of Yogyakarta went viral. In his post, Kasri StoneDakon’s account complained about the tariff for parking buses on Jalan Margo Utomo, Yogyakarta City for 2, which was charged with a fee of IDR 350 thousand. … Read more

Viral Malioboro Yogyakarta Bus Parking Rp. 350 thousand, Police intervene

Yogyakarta, CNN Indonesia — A Facebook account uploaded a complaint containing complaints about the high fares for bus parking in one area in the City Yogyakarta, which is Rp. 350 thousand only for a few hours. The police said they would intervene to investigate the parking issue. The account tells that he came to Yogyakarta … Read more

CML rejects ″contradiction″ between discounted parking and free public transport

The vice-mayor of Lisbon, Filipe Anacoreta Correia (CDS-PP), rejected this Monday that there is a “contradiction” in the municipal budget proposal for 2022 between the discount on parking for residents and free public transport for young people and seniors. “What this executive implements is clearly an incentive for public transport”, said the also councilor for … Read more

Parking will no longer be a problem with the mobility of the future

In the future, the massive use of self-driving vehicles will solve the problem of parking and lack of space in the city. This is the opinion of Andreas Knie, professor and expert on the topic of transport who, on the occasion of the presentation of a research promoted by Volkswagen AG, spoke about mobility of … Read more

Parking will become chargeable until 9 p.m. everywhere in Molenbeek

After Brussels-City, it’s Molenbeek’s turn to review its parking rules. The commune of the canal has announced to our colleagues from La Capitale that it wants to extend the “green zone” (paid) and also extend the hours of paid parking. Information which has also been confirmed to us by the alderman college. From the second … Read more

Land Rover Indiscriminate Parking and Blocking Factory Gate, Security Chief Uses Excavator to Teach Car Owner a Lesson

Erabaru.net. What should you do when you come home at night and see that there is no parking space in the community? Go to the side of the road to find an open space for parking, and take the car away early in the morning, so you don’t run into any problems. Everyone is very … Read more

Outside the city, peasants of nightlife and illegal parking attendants, the urban daspo arrives in Cagliari

The peasants of the nightlife, the abusive parking attendants and those who disturb the public peace outside the meeting places and the busiest rest areas. And whoever transgresses gets a fine of up to 20,000 euros or 2 years in prison. The municipality is preparing to crack down on security. It does so with the … Read more