Eating a healthy diet may help prevent or delay Parkinson’s, a new study finds

Our diet is a great determinant in health of the people and diseases that until now seemed to have no link with what we eat, today they manifest it. So, a new study shows that eating a healthy diet may help prevent or delay Parkinson’s. Healthier diet and fewer symptoms that precede Parkinson’s diagnosis The … Read more

These are the first pictures of Ozzy Osbourne since he confessed that he had Parkinson’s. It is unrecognizable

In January this year, it was revealed that legendary Black Sabbath musician Ozzy Osbourne suffered from one of the varieties of Parkinson’s. Gwiazdor could not stand the fact that the media searched for bad news from his life and in front of the camera he decided to tell the whole truth. The fans were scared … Read more

Can a healthy diet reduce the risk of Parkinson’s?

MADRID, 24 Ago. (EUROPA PRESS) – A new study suggests that eating a healthy diet in middle age may be related to having fewer of the symptoms that precede the onset of Parkinson’s by up to 10 years, mainly non-motor symptoms such as constipation, daytime sleepiness and depression, as published in its online edition Neurology, … Read more

Scientific research – Vaud hope for better detection of Parkinson’s

AC Immune wins a prize of 3.1 million francs to develop a technology crucial to the search for a treatment. Chloé Banerjee-Din Posted today at 10h21 AC Immune is based at EPFL Innovation Park. Frédéric Lemail The company AC Immune, based at EPFL’s Innovation Park, has just received a serious boost in its research into … Read more

Free Medicines Suspended for Parkinson’s Disease

Medicines to treat Parkinson’s disease are extremely expensive and cannot be purchased by patients, who live in a country experiencing a Complex Humanitarian Crisis, as recognized by international entities. They demand that the government reactivate the drug supply program that has been developed intermittently since 2017. Caracas. More than 34,000 Parkinson’s disease patients across the … Read more

Civil Association denounces that the national Government suspended delivery of medicines for Parkinson’s

More than 34,000 Parkinson’s disease patients across the country are in danger of worsening or dying because the drug supply program to treat this pathology that managed the national government was suspended until further notice, as confirmed this week. This is the free delivery of the Sinemed (Carvodopa-Levadopa) which has been done intermittently since 2017 … Read more