Hungarian Prime Minister Orban wants to limit the power of the European Parliament

In his view, the national parliaments of the 27 EU Member States should have the right to stop legislative processes in the European Parliament if, in their opinion, areas of national competence are violated. “The European Parliament has turned out to be a dead end when it comes to meeting the criteria for European democracy,” … Read more

Orbán proposed to limit the powers of the European Parliament

“It turned out that the EU parliament found itself in a dead end in relation to the criteria of European democracy,” Orbán said. Following the example of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, he said that national parliaments should be sent to the EP in the future. Today, MEPs are elected by direct … Read more

The European Parliament and the EC have been referred to the “black list” of the caretaker government

European Parliament Building Photo: Pixabay Lawyers expect a relatively quick response, as Brussels’ position is that the application of US sanctions under the Magnitsky Act has nothing to do with the countries of our continent. Sources at 24 Chasa in Brussels have confirmed that the European Parliament is already working to assess the compliance of … Read more

Index – Hungary – Zoltán Kovács: Legislation prohibits the promotion of homosexuality for good reason

When it comes to protecting our children, there is no question: there is zero tolerance for pedophiles, and the sexual upbringing of children is the sole right of the parent, wrote Zoltán Kovács, Secretary of State for International Communication and Relations. According to the MTI report, Zoltán Kovács emphasized that Hungary has won many accolades … Read more

Legal euthanasia, the collection of signatures for the referendum starts: “It is necessary to act in the face of a paralyzed and deaf Parliament”

It’s been two years since when Parliament let the time allowed by Constitutional Court to fill the legal void on assisted suicide, before ruling on the case of Marco Cappato, ended up on trial for helping ex dj Fabo die by accompanying him in Switzerland. But if then the League went sideways, causing the discussion … Read more

Three regional “Voice” cells demand that Rudik resign / GORDON

“Unfortunately, over the past few months the party has lost the lion’s share of its members, supporters, and more recently, half of the parliamentary faction. And this is a clear signal that the party requires global changes, – noted in the Cherkasy regional cell “Voices”. – We believed to the last in finding a compromise, … Read more

Ukraine: a fight and scuffle in parliament

As reported by the Ukrainian Pravda website, the head of the humanitarian and information policy committee, Mykyta Poturaev, said from the rostrum during the meeting of the Verkhovna Rada on Thursday, addressing the pro-Russian Opposition Platform – For Life (OPZŻ): “The era of poverty and lies will end when the rebellious nation will end will … Read more

Coronavirus: Irish Parliament convened after political scandal

Revelations about a gala dinner held in violation of health restrictions have sparked a political scandal in Ireland. Irish trade commissioner Phil Hogan could be forced to resign. AFP Irish Prime Minister Micheal Martin will convene Parliament following a political scandal linked to the coronavirus, and asked the European Commissioner for Trade, the Irish Commissioner … Read more

Servel hurries the stride 66 days before the October plebiscite

Just over two months before the plebiscite, the Electoral Service (Servel) is working at full speed. They are used to the stress of an electoral period, but now they face new hurdles. After Congress passed into law the bill that gives it new powers to organize a safe plebiscite, the countdown began to deliver the … Read more

Ottawa to replace PCU in September without going through Parliament | Coronavirus

Some four million workers will switch to EI next month when PKU starts to go away. Sources familiar with the government’s plan argue that the transfer will be made by ministerial order rather than by law. Since Parliament was prorogued on Tuesday until September 23, a bill could not, in fact, be tabled in the … Read more