The “Emirati Parliament for Children” discusses the mental health of children

Abu Dhabi (Al Ittihad) The UAE Parliament for the Child held its third session of the first session of the second legislative term in Zayed Hall at the headquarters of the Federal National Council in the capital, Abu Dhabi, in the presence of His Excellency Abdul Rahman bin Muhammad Al Owais, Minister of Health and … Read more

For the first time in its history, the European Parliament has a purely Czech Christmas decoration

For the first time in history, the European Parliament has a purely Czech Christmas decoration. From Tuesday, it will be decorated in Brussels with a tree from the Žďárské vrchy together with hundreds of handmade ornaments in the art nouveau style that come from Chrudim. Europe gave the world Art Nouveau, and therefore the motifs … Read more

Temperature Drops Drastically, Member of German Parliament Cold at Work

loading… Little snowman standing in Gendarmenmarkt square after snowfall in Berlin, Germany. Photo/REUTERS BERLIN – With the onset of colder weather, MPs in the German parliament are struggling to keep warm in their workplaces. The news was revealed by Der Spiegel. Currently the parliament, the Bundestag, limits its energy consumption in the midst of a … Read more

David de la Hoz asks in the Canary Islands Parliament about the efficacy of vaccines against covid-19

– Advertising- The Canarian deputy, david de la hozintervened yesterday in the regional parliament to launch a question to the health counselor on the efficacy of vaccines. A forceful intervention that you can see below where the deputy De la Hoz puts on the table a series of issues that, until now, no other parliamentarian … Read more

Vlado Mirosevic: “I ask the opposition, in the best constructive mood, to let us work” | bbcl_research

Although he says that he assumed the presidency of the Chamber with a spirit of dialogue, the deputy Mirosevic admits that it has been a complex task. “We cannot be treating each other the worst because that does not serve Chilean democracy at all,” he says in conversation with BioBioChile. In turn, the congressman calls … Read more

The UAE Parliament for Children discusses mental health during its third session

The UAE Children’s Parliament discussed, during its third session of the first session of the second legislative term, a topic related to children’s mental health submitted by the Health and Social Affairs Committee, in addition to announcing the formation of the Environment and Sustainability Committee in the second parliament session. Sharjah 24 – WAM: The … Read more

Wagner Group leader claims he sent bloody mace to European Parliament

Evgueni Prigojine, the leader of the Wagner group and considered very close to the Kremlin, announced on Wednesday that he had sent a bloody mace to the European Parliament. This gesture was made in reaction to the Parliament’s decision to consider the Wagner group as a terrorist organization and to qualify Russia as a rogue … Read more

Dark clouds over FIFA and the Qataris. The European Parliament says enough is enough

There were many indications that the ban on wearing rainbow bands established by the International Football and Qataris Federation would cause many problems. Topic symbol of the LGBT community it’s been coming back like a boomerang lately. Before the match against Japan national team The German decided to express her opposition to FIFA’s conduct in … Read more

The EU Parliament condemns Qatar and Fifa for human rights violations – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcasting schedule

On Thursday, the European Parliament came up with a written decision on the human rights situation in Qatar. In the decision, heavy shots were fired at the International Football Association (FIFA), and the awarding of the World Cup to Qatar itself. The decision is detailed, and it causes Hans Erik Næss, associate professor in sports … Read more