Hezbollah loses majority, newcomers to Lebanese parliament

Correspondent Daisy Mohr: “The elections have worked out well for the opposition and independent candidates. After the major protests that started in 2019 and did not yield much, many people have gone home or abroad hopelessly and completely disillusioned. These newcomers don’t and that’s impressive. They are real go-getters. They turned their ideas into a … Read more

Hezbollah Loses Lebanese Parliamentary Election, Opponent Strengthens

loading… Hezbollah supporters hold a convoy in Beirut, Lebanon. Photo/REUTERS BEIRUT – The Hezbollah group and its allies appear to have suffered defeat in the Lebanese parliamentary elections this weekend. Preliminary results on Monday’s tally showed their strongest opponents took more seats and some of their traditional partners were knocked out of the legislature. Despite … Read more

Lithuanian Parliament recognizes Russia as a terrorist country / Article

The resolution was adopted during the visit of the Deputy Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament, Olen Kondratyuk, who also addressed the deputies. The resolution passed by the Seimas states that the Russian armed forces and mercenaries have committed mass war crimes on Ukrainian territory, especially in Bucca, Irpina, Mariupol, Borodyanka and Hostomel. “All institutions, all … Read more

Beaches, blitzes in Parliament for extensions and amnesties without a deadline

Listen to the audio version of the article Other than five years. The amendment by the speakers to the competition bill that modifies the intervention on bathing concessions can, on paper, also lead to an endless extension. And to a sine die amnesty of the current concessions at risk of being considered abusive. It is … Read more

The Constitutional Court has given parliament another six months to change the law on life imprisonment

On Tuesday 10 May the Constitutional Court decided to give the Italian parliament another six months to approve a law that modifies the prison system regarding thelife imprisonmenta penalty of which the Court a year ago had established unconstitutionality. An impedimental life sentence is a never-ending penalty that “prevents” any modification of it and that … Read more

Queen Elizabeth does not open British Parliament this year – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

The 96-year-old British queen leaves it to Prince Charles to give the opening speech in Parliament on Tuesday. The prince is now 73 years old, and is first in the line of succession to the British throne. His son, Prince William, will also be present at the opening of Parliament. Movement problems “Queen Elizabeth periodically … Read more

It is already clear who will replace the Queen at the opening ceremony of the British Parliament

The 96-year-old monarch reluctantly withdrew from this important ceremony because she continued to experience “episodic movement problems,” and the royal doctors advised her not to attend. With Prince Charles taking on the most important constitutional duty as head of state for the first time, this move, believed to be unprecedented in modern history, will be … Read more

What will happen to Apple?: European Parliament supports USB-C as the only universal charger | European Parliament | European Union | Technology | | TECHNOLOGY

Updated on 05/06/2022 08:17 pm The European Parliament spoke in favor of the European Commission’s proposal for there to be a single universal charger in the European UnionUSB-C type, for mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, headphones and game consoles. “The objective of the legislative project is to prevent consumers from needing a new charger and … Read more

Guerra, Conte: “Draghi in parliament? Salvini talks about peace but does not agree with our request. Meloni would also like to arm the pandas”

Giuseppe Conte back on the request to the premier Draghi to report to parliament on the war: “I am surprised that no political force has joined in this request. There are some troubling signs. Even some forces that verbally want peace have not joined in this request. I even read about a meeting between Draghi … Read more