Wake-up service 12/8: Parliamentary debate on corona • German students go to school wearing a mask

And then this: Were you able to sleep a bit last night or were you very bothered by the heat? Then you are not alone. Sleep experts say the warm nights of the past week can lead to sleep and concentration problems and health problems. Even if you don’t have air conditioning, there are ways … Read more

Lebanese Prime Minister to Propose Early Parliamentary Elections / Day

“We cannot get out of the structural crisis without holding early parliamentary elections,” Diabs said in a televised address. He said that the government would propose early elections on Monday. The Prime Minister called on political parties to put aside their differences and cooperate. He said he supported the Lebanese desire for change. On Tuesday, … Read more

Talk on “Narrative and Medicine in times of pandemic” at the BCN – Parliamentary

The Library of Congress of the Nation will host the live talk between the teacher and writer Mateo Niro, and the doctor Carlos Presman, about literature and science. August 3, 2020 by parliamentary Comments off in Talk on “Narrative and Medicine in times of pandemic” at the BCN Next Tuesday 4th at 7pm, the renowned … Read more

Hong Kong postpones parliamentary elections for corona, but also refuses democratic candidates

That may seem democratic, but the reality is somewhat different. For example, only half of the 70 LegCo members are directly elected. The other half is designated by “functional groups” representing certain segments of society. In practice, these are mainly figures from the industrial and financial world, in addition to professions. These functional groups are … Read more

The ruling forces gain a majority in the Syrian parliamentary elections / Article / LSM.lv

The ruling Ba’ath party and its allies have won a majority in the Syrian parliamentary elections, according to the results. The election took place on Sunday, July 19, only in areas controlled by the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. This was the third parliamentary election in Syria since the country’s civil war began in … Read more