This is what the longest partial lunar eclipse of the 19th century looked like

News Channel 10.- North America and much of South America this morning admired an “almost total” lunar eclipse, the longest of its kind since 1440. The eclipse, in whose strongest phase the visible surface of the Moon darkened the 99.1% , was also visible from parts of Northeast Asia, Polynesia and eastern Australia, but not … Read more

A partial lunar eclipse early Friday, longest in 580 years

Look, night owl. A partial lunar eclipse will take place early Friday and astronomers say it will be the longest in several centuries, lasting about 3½ hours. Weather permitting, skywatchers in many different regions of the world — including North America, South America, East Asia, Australia, and across the Pacific — will be able to … Read more

Covid-19: partial telecommuting, wearing a mask in the street and reinforced testing should return

The Government admits the return of teleworking, the use of masks in the street will once again be mandatory and testing to covid-19 will be reinforced. The strategy to combat the increase in cases in the country will be announced after the meeting at Infarmed, scheduled for this Friday. With virus transmission on the rise, … Read more

Partial lunar eclipse: Why the satellite is bright red

(Photo: Department of Astronomy UNAM) This will take place on Friday 19. November Partial lunar eclipse The longest of the 21st century. It lasts for three and a half hours and starts early in the morning, but it also has another peculiarity that makes it a special event. According to the researcher UNAM Astronomy Institute, … Read more

On the 19th, a ‘partial lunar eclipse’ in which the round moon shoots in the shadow of the earth is held!!

Jeju Byeolbit Nuri Park will hold a special observation meeting for local residents and tourists as a partial lunar eclipse occurs on November 19, when a part of the moon is covered by the earth’s shadow. ▲ 2021. 11. 19 partial lunar eclipse progress [출처: 한국천문연구원 제공]ⓒDaily Jeju A lunar eclipse is a phenomenon in … Read more

The Prague War offered a ruthless carving! How did the controversial bodybuilder do in the cage?

Controversial bodybuilder Filip Grznár celebrated his first MMA victory. I’ll kill you all, he said from the cage The main highlight of the gala evening was the match of “foreigners”. The Chinese wrestler from the Czech Republic, Lü-Kai, who should soon present himself in the Contender Series, confronted the experienced Frenchman Konmon Deh. And … Read more

Cheonmunyeon “Partial lunar eclipse that will be partially covered by the Earth on the 19th”

On the 19th, a partial lunar eclipse will occur, in which part of the moon is covered by the Earth’s shadow. According to the Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute on the 12th, this lunar eclipse will start at 4:18:24 pm on the 19th. It is expected to close at 6:02:54 PM and end at … Read more