Learn about the youngest participants in the history of the Olympics

A state of celebration witnessed on social media platforms in the Arab world with the Syrian hero, Hend Zaza, who is the youngest athlete to participate in the Tokyo Olympics, as she is only 12 years old. The Syrian table tennis player also became the fifth youngest player to participate in the history of the … Read more

Protests of many thousands in France and Italy. Participants opposed to covid passports

Demonstrations against health passports in France are turning into clashes with the police. In an interview with the media, protesters emphasize that the sanitary passport is “discrimination” and “a political mistake of President Emmanuel Macron”. In Paris, tensions have occurred near Saint-Lazare station. Police officers on motorcycles fired tear gas at demonstrators, who in turn … Read more

The International Physics Olympiad ended in Vilnius – participants from 76 countries competed with each other

According to the organizers, this event is an important assessment for the whole scientific community, which has shown that Lithuanian physicists can create world-class, modern tasks, remotely involve so many students in leisure and cognitive activities of the country’s culture. “For Lithuania, this event was not only a challenge, but also a great appreciation that … Read more

In Estonia, the number of participants allowed in public events is reduced :: Dienas Bizness

The crisis caused by the spread of COVID-19 both in the world and in Latvia has significantly shaken the business environment in Latvia. The Competition Council (CP) is concerned about trade restrictions that could have long-term effects on competition. The Latvian Traders’ Association has pointed out that the COVID-19 crisis and the current trade restrictions … Read more

The Games officially started in Fukushima: the impressions of the participants are ambiguous, instead of the spectators – a bear

Officially the first Tokyo 2020 the games started two softball (women’s baseball) national team – Japan and Australia. The Fukushima match was won 8: 1 by the Japanese, who theoretically defend the title of Olympic softball champion. Theoretically, since softball was last included in the games program back in 2008 in Beijing and later removed … Read more

Already three from the Czech team. The number of positive tests among the participants in the Olympics is increasing, as are other problems of the criticized games

Just days before Friday’s grand opening in the Tokyo Olympics, home to tens of thousands of athletes, officials or journalists from around the world, there are reports of other newly detected cases of coronavirus infection among members of the Olympic teams. The first cases of covid-19 also appeared among athletes in the Olympic Village, despite … Read more

Lali Espósito clarified why they do not choose many participants who sing well in “La Voz Argentina”

In the midst of the many criticisms it receives “The Argentine Voice” for all the participants who sing wonderful but are out of the contest, Lali Esposito He came out to show his face and told what is the matter. Why they praise the participants but don’t choose them. So it was that this Thursday, … Read more

1200 participants within the activities of the third axis of the “Homeland is a family” campaign

Sharjah: «Gulf» The Department of Family Development Centers, one of the institutions of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah, continues to achieve the goals of the “Homeland is a Family” campaign, which is to consolidate the principle of family cohesion and focus the attention of individuals towards values ​​that support family cohesion. The … Read more

Self-isolation participants must know, this is how to measure oxygen levels in the blood

KONTAN.CO.ID – Jakarta. Covid-19 patients who experience mild symptoms can self-isolate at home. In addition to providing medicine and vitamins, Covid-19 patients undergoing self-isolation are also advised to have an oximeter to measure oxygen levels in the blood. Learn how to measure oxygen levels in the blood so you can determine saturation conditions. The reason, … Read more

The opening scale of the 14th National Student Games and the number of participants both reached a record high

On the evening of July 12, the 14th National Student Games hosted by the Ministry of Education, the State Sports General Administration and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League opened in Qingdao, Shandong. The opening ceremony was held in the Diamond Hall of Qingdao Guoxin Sports Center, Shandong. More than 2,100 cast and … Read more