Could a possible drop of the MR in Wallonia sink the Vivaldi majority? “A fall of the government would not be good for any of the parties that make it up”

If the MR is fired from the governments of the Wallonia-Brussels and Walloon Federation, could this also heavily affect the federal government of Alexander De Croo, the Vivaldi majority? “At this stage, I would be surprised if these changes in the majority take place”, immediately asks Caroline Sägesser, researcher at Crisp (Centre for socio-political research … Read more

NTB, News | The government ends the air ambulance strike – criticizes the parties

The Norwegian Health Authority has assessed that the strike will lead to a danger to life and health from Monday, the government writes in a press release. – In the meeting with the parties, it became clear that it was not possible to find a solution to the conflict. I have therefore had to intervene … Read more

How the PS and Vooruit have become two very different parties for 20 years

Sunday in a Flemish television program, the Minister of Health, Frank Vandenbroucke (Vooruit) declared that he wanted “qthat people can work longer and are motivated and rewarded to be able to work longer”. “It’s urgent”, he asserted. By thus espousing a will that is found more in the right-wing and center-right parties of the federal … Read more

Rovi multiplies its manufacturing business for third parties by six after the vaccine

Rovi’s revenues in the third-party manufacturing business area have multiplied by six since it signed an agreement with Moderna to produce the covid vaccine. In 2019 the pharmaceutical company entered 65.6 million euros and last year the figure reached 403.5 million. Although the company does not disclose what percentage of this money corresponds directly to … Read more

Literary Netherlands loose again at the Boekenbal: “Kind of school parties for writers”

The red carpet full of writers, comedians and other literary celebrities: it was Boekenbal again last night, the traditional kick-off of the Boekenweek. After a year in the Escape, it was back to normal in the Stadsschouwburg. With the theme ‘I am everything’ and the pink-orange dress code, diversity and pluralism were celebrated. AT5 reporter … Read more

In Estonia, three parties start negotiations on the formation of the new government / Article

The delegations of the three parties met in the house where the seat of the Estonian government is located and discussed the general principles of the negotiations, as well as listened to the report of the Ministry of Finance on the country’s financial possibilities. The leader of the Reform Party and current Prime Minister Kaja … Read more

VIDEO ⟩ In Latvia, Estonia and Bulgaria, parties oriented to the Russian-speaking audience under the name “Together” are formed

The elections showed that some of their supporters voted for “Stability”, which Klementyev calls radicals and polpulists. The rest voted for more conservative parties. A few percent voted for the Union of Latvian Russians, “Sovereign Power” and other parties that did not enter the Saeima. Politicians who have broken away from the agreement admit that … Read more

VIDEO ⟩ Parties with the same name are being created in Latvia, Estonia and Bulgaria, oriented towards the Russian-speaking audience

We have had so many parties, associations and SIAs with sounding names that there are not so many free names in the register, because according to the law we cannot use [jau izmantotus nosaukumus]. The main goal – what did we lose? Each other, because it was a pandemic time, now a war situation. We … Read more

In Belgium, elected officials and parties spend public money without counting

BENELUX LETTER The Belgian Federal Parliament, in Brussels, in April 2020. ARIS OIKONOMOU / AFP Expensive trips to Dubai for the President of the Regional Parliament of Wallonia, who ended up having to give up his post. All-out missions too, and not at low cost, for the Clerk of the Assembly – also accused of … Read more