The introduction of the points license blocked by two Walloon parties: “This is not the solution, we just need more control”, says an MR deputy

While the discussion around the license with points is back on the table in our country, a recent survey by the VIAS Institute shows that Walloons drive more often than Flemish people under the influence of alcohol. They would even cause more accidents in this situation. How to explain it? Can the license with points … Read more

9 Elected MN KAHMI Presidium Members, 7 Political Parties

loading… The KAHMI National Conference in Palu succeeded in electing nine MN KAHMI presidiums for the 2022-2027 period. Photo/ist JAKARTA – The XI National Conference (Munas) of the Islamic Student Association Alumni Corps (KAHMI) succeeded in electing nine members of the presidium for the 2022-2027 period. They were selected from 38 names of candidates for … Read more

The most corrupt anti-drug agent in the world: parties, escorts, luxury and privileges of all kinds

NEW YORK – Parties until dawn on yachts, luxury escorts, thousand-dollar dinners, but also tickets to watch football matches, Tiffany jewels, Vuitton bags and tours of the Caribbean and the red light districts of Amsterdam. The hard life of American agents of the DEAthe federal anti-drug agency, responded to an existential logic: if you can’t … Read more

This year’s parties risk attracting some unwanted guests

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and brings with it opportunities to celebrate with family and friends. But this year’s parties also risk attracting some unwanted guests, as respiratory viruses and coronavirus could find fertile ground to spread, especially in crowded indoor settings. “The winter virus season has come early, especially for our children. We … Read more

List of 5 Political Parties Not Passing the 2024 Election Administration Verification Requirements

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — General Election Commissions (KPU) decided that five political parties did not pass administrative verification (vermin) for 2024 election. This decision was contained in announcement No. 12/PL.01.1-Pu/05/2022 which was signed by KPU chairman Hasyim Asy’ari on November 18. The five parties are the Adil Makmur People’s Party (Prima), the Indonesian People’s Swara … Read more

Russia’s war against Ukraine will not end with surrender of one of the parties – Sikorsky

According to him, it will be up to Kyiv to decide whether to sit down at the negotiating table with Moscow or not. Member of the European Parliament, and in the past – Minister of National Defense and Foreign Affairs of Poland Radoslaw Sikorski believes that the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine will … Read more

Industry parties ask SZW to increase childcare allowance

The maximum hourly rate that the government reimburses for childcare through childcare allowance will increase from 1 January by 5.58 percent for daycare and out-of-school care and by 3.22 percent for guest parent care. And that is too low, according to industry parties. Together they substantiated in a letter to SZW why the maximum hourly … Read more

The Liberals believe their proposal for increased child benefit should be palatable for all parties – Vårt Land

On Tuesday, the Liberal Party presents its alternative to the national budget. It contains a proposal to increase child benefit by NOK 8,000 a year. Without the state being charged a single kroner. The increased rates are to be financed by those with high incomes by taxing their child benefit. – If child benefit is … Read more

Political parties are currently solving a simple equation in a complicated way / LR1 / / Latvijas Radio

Political parties are currently solving a simple equation in a complicated way – this is what political scientist and public relations consultant Filips Rajevskis assessed in an interview with Latvian Radio. He pointed out that the formation of the government is largely based on mathematics, and in this situation, when everything is supposedly clear, the … Read more

Bans against private parties during the pandemic were valid – NRK Vestland

In both cases fines were given for breaches of the ban on private gatherings with several participants. The defendants claimed that the bans were invalid, and that they could therefore not be punished. This has not been supported by the Supreme Court. Two judgments were handed down Thursday 10 November. Two women as appropriate organized … Read more