COVID puts the twin cities of Juarez and El Paso in trouble | United States

AUSTIN, Texas, U.S. (AP) – A sharp increase in coronavirus cases is pushing hospitals in the border cities of El Paso and Ciudad Juárez to the limit, putting health officials in Texas and Mexico in the face of twin disasters. in a tightly linked metropolitan area of ​​3 million people. Health officials blame the increase … Read more

Curfews spread throughout the world. Now it is in El Paso, next to Juárez. 10pm, everyone home

Various governments around the world are beginning to resume certain restrictive measures to try to control the rebound in COVID-19 cases, as they want to prevent hospitals from seeing their care capacity once again exceeded. SEE MORE COVID rebound: Curfew in Spain and Italy set closing times in cinemas, theaters, bars Texas / Paris / … Read more

Trump Says Texas Controlled COVID; not so in El Paso | United States

President Donald Trump downplayed the toll of the coronavirus in Texas during Thursday’s debate with Joe Biden. “There was a very big spike in Texas, now it’s gone,” Trump said. But in the Texas city of El Paso, the situation due to COVID-19 is the worst it has seen since the pandemic began. Health officials … Read more

Larreta encourages López Molina and Corral to play in Las Paso

Of course, politics was also discussed. After the decree with which Alberto Fernández reversed the increase in the co-participation of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires that Mauricio Macri had arranged Larreta accelerated his national construction with a view to 2023. The first vice president of the Council and the former candidate for governor want … Read more

Chiquis Rivera breaks the silence about his break – Telemundo El Paso (48)

California.- Chiquis Rivera decided to speak on social networks about her marital relationship in reaction to the rumors that have been circulating for weeks and indicated that the fault of her breakup is not her friends (as social networks say), but Lorenzo Méndez himself . On her Instagram on Sunday, the singer bluntly commented that … Read more

Man rescues hundreds of animals during Hurricane Delta

“If I lived alone or only with 10 or 20 dogs, then I wouldn’t be too worried. But here there are hundreds of animals and we cannot afford not to have enough food stored, “he wrote. The animals already lived in the sanctuary, but to protect them during the storm, he put them inside his … Read more

Priest accused of sexual abuse tried to leave the country through Paso Canoas • Semanario Universidad

The priest was arrested at the border and now the Gender Prosecutor’s Office is evaluating possible precautionary measures against the suspect. The priest Jorge Arturo Morales Salazar, accused of sexual abuse against a minor, was arrested this Thursday on the border with Panama, when he tried to leave Costa Rica through the Paso Canoas post. … Read more

Larreta takes another step in his own plan for the pandemic and now advances with shopping

Alberto Fernández took off the AMBA from the reddest zone in the country and Larreta clung to his Integrated Plan for the City’s Branding, which goes through the third of the six steps that contemplate the authorizations of different activities. Even yesterday educational activities began for some schoolchildren and outdoors. “Everything is already agreed”, they … Read more

Texas sends medical personnel to El Paso due to coronavirus | Voice of America

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced Monday that he will dispatch a team of medical professionals to the El Paso area to deal with a wave of COVID-19 cases in that area of ​​the southern part of the state. In addition to the 75 doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists, an additional supply of … Read more