Another tropical depression could be forming after the passage of Ian

A new tropical depression could form in the central Atlantic Ocean within a maximum period of five days. The National Hurricane Center of the United States also indicated that the probability of this happening is 70%.Right now, the phenomenon is still a low pressure area hundreds of miles west of Cape Verde. Constant heavy rain … Read more

Tutankhamun’s tomb may hide a secret passage

Nicholas Reeves according to a British Egyptologist Offered can guard his grave Let’s be honest his resting place – writes a The Guardian. Already in 2015, analyzing high-resolution images, the expert announced that there could be a secret passage under the painted walls of the tomb. Further tests failed to prove the theory. Recently, Reeves, … Read more

Tor30 Passage au Malatrà canceled: prohibitive weather conditions

The protests expressed by the Tor des Géants runners whose race was interrupted due to bad weather had their effects. After having communicated, in the morning, to recognize the title of finisher only to the athletes who arrived in Saint-Rhémy-En-Bosses within 136 hours of travelVda Trailers ha changed my mind and has widened the audience … Read more

After Kay’s passage, classes have resumed in these states

The hurricane kay made landfall on Baja California Sur the Last Thursday, September 8, what he left affectations in said entity, such as power outages, fallen trees and poles, floods and suspension of classes. Among the states affected by Kay, which, after making landfall, was downgraded to tormenta tropical They are, in addition to the … Read more

They enable passage in Los Chorros after controlled detonation of rocks, this is how the circulation is

The Los Chorros highway vehicular passage was enabled again after the temporary closure made by the authorities at noon on Monday, August 22, reported the Ministry of Public Works (MOP). The closure in both directions occurred for a short period of time, due to the fact that controlled detonations of large rocks were carried out … Read more

Commotion on the border between Belarus and Poland: the passage is closed, deminers have arrived

“A car with Russian registration numbers tried to enter the territory of Belarus at the Brest checkpoint this morning. A citizen of the Russian Federation was sitting behind the wheel of a Kia car. During the inspection of the vehicle, a 5×9 cm object with protruding wires was found, which was attached to the bottom … Read more

Do you know the new obligation to respect in the event of the passage of a priority vehicle?

It is a relatively new obligation on the road and it is very little known. Since October 1, 2020, motorists have been forced to pull over when a siren approaches or face a fine. Failure to comply with this rule complicates the work of the emergency services. Dimitri de Petter is a paramedic at the … Read more

A brasserie flooded with messages of hatred after the passage of Justin Trudeau

The Prime Minister of Canada was in Prince Edward Island last Friday to meet with people from the community. The politician had lunch at the Lone Oak microbrewery during the day. The photos of the staff of this establishment with the politician were published on social networks and aroused discontent among some users of these … Read more

purse and percentages of passage

The negotiations for the 2022 transfer market are starting to go live. The last details are missing before the announcements of two sensational returns, Lukaku all’Inter e Pogba at the Juventus. Zaniolo gets closer to the bianconeri, while the Milan now it seems to aim firmly on Douglas Luiz for the midfield. The market is … Read more