purse and percentages of passage

The negotiations for the 2022 transfer market are starting to go live. The last details are missing before the announcements of two sensational returns, Lukaku all’Inter e Pogba at the Juventus. Zaniolo gets closer to the bianconeri, while the Milan now it seems to aim firmly on Douglas Luiz for the midfield. The market is … Read more

LIVE Transfer Market | Cagliari, Cerri near the passage to Como

A few days after the official opening of the summer transfer market 2022 business and negotiations are already in full swing: in this live we will tell you, hour by hour, the negotiations from Cagliari Football to the teams of Series Dpassing through Olbia in Serie C, Cagliari’s Primavera and the many Sardinians involved in … Read more

Speed ​​cameras, streets as ATMs: this is how the municipality collects the “tax” of passage

The most “summery” is the “zero” which can be read in the 2021 receipts from fines other than those for speeding in places such as Roseto Capo Spulico (Cosenza) and Melpignano (Lecce). As it happens, their territory is crossed respectively by the 106 Jonica and 16 Adriatica state roads, with modern dual carriageway and little … Read more

They asked the artist, Mohamed Mohy, about the secret of his celibacy and his non-marriage, despite the passage of 5 decades of his age?? He answered boldly and revealed the hidden and hidden in public!

2022/05/31 It’s 05:10 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite The artist, Mohamed Mohy, revealed, during his dissolution and previously, on the People’s Talk program with the media, Yasmine Ezz, many of his artistic and personal secrets, and the secret of his non-marriage despite being over 5 decades old. The artist, Mohamed Mohie, joked about his … Read more

They capture the passage of a huge asteroid that approached Earth

A giant asteroid 2 kilometers long and classified as a “dangerous near object” by NASA, It passed this Friday morning at a considerable distance from Earth and its path was captured by a network of powerful telescopes. It is the asteroid that is known by the name 7335 (1989 JA)which has approximately four times the … Read more

Traffic block for Giro d’Italia passage: roads and streets closed

The Giro d’Italia today, Thursday 19 May, arrived in Genoa: after having traveled the hinterland, around 16.20 the cyclists passed the San Giorgio bridge, towards the center and by 16.30 the arrival of the first in via XX Settembre. To win the stage, Stefano Oldani. Path The passage of the twelfth stage Parma-Genoa, at the … Read more

successful passage of actor Jesse Eisenberg behind the camera

Jesse Eisenberg, revealed by “The Social Network”, directs an acid and jubilant first feature film, “When you finish saving the world”, screened Wednesday at the Cannes Film Festival at the opening of the 61st Critics’ Week. Behind his air of eternal adolescent, the 38-year-old American comedian has more than one talent: he has already signed … Read more

Giro d’Italia: the images of the passage to Bologna: “Athletes from another world”

Exciting passage of the Tour of Italy on the streets of Bologna. Hundreds of fans accompanied the athletes involved in the Santarcangelo di Romagna-Reggio Emilia section, 11th stage of the tour. A stage for sprinters, given that the gradient in the total 204 km is just over four hundred meters. Great protagonist of the supporters’ … Read more

NASA transmits the passage of the asteroid 2012 DA14 | PRESENT

Lima, 02/15/2013 08:40 pm | Updated 02/15/2013 11:13 am Although asteroid 2012 DA14 is the largest known to pass so close, scientists say there is no chance of an impact, neither this week nor in the foreseeable future. 2012 DA14 has a one-year orbit around the Sun, like Earth, but after Friday’s encounter its path … Read more

Credit transfer, from May 1st via the fourth passage

28/04/2022 – Fourth step for the assignment of credit and stamp to prohibit partial assignments. From 1 May the Superbonus and the other building bonuses take on new connotations. The innovations try to find a middle way between the objective of avoiding tax fraud and the need not to put professionals and businesses in difficulty. … Read more