Pilot refuses to fly plane because working hours are over, passengers are emotional: Okezone Travel

RIYADH – A commotion broke out between pilot and passengers at Dammam airport, Saudi Arabia, last week. The reason was that the pilot refused to fly the plane back because his working hours were over. Quoted from The Express Tribune, the story began after a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane took off from Riyadh airport … Read more

Valle d’Aosta, a tourist bus crashes into the stream: the driver is dead, the 3 passengers are saved

A tourist bus fell into the Evancon stream in Val d’Ayas, near the town of Champoluc (Aosta). There were 4 people on board, including the 71-year-old driver, Roberto Arrigoni, who died. To ascertain whether the cause of death is linked to an illness that made him lose control of the vehicle. The rescuers have recovered … Read more

Aosta, minibus ends up in a stream: the 71-year-old driver dies, the three passengers are injured

A 9-seater van, which had 3 tourists from Northern Europe on board, ended up in a stream in the heart of the renowned ski resort of Champoluc, at the feet ofl Monte Rosa. The austista, a 71-year-old man, died in the accident. On the other hand, three were injured among the passengers: a couple aged … Read more

STRONG VIDEO: “Now you scream.” Passengers beat up an alleged thief in CdMx

The same passengers looked for elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC), who went to the scene after observing several people who attacked the man aboard a public transport unit. Mexico City, January 19 (However).- Public transport users they foiled a robbery beat up a man What was he trying to do? strip them … Read more

VIDEO. Passengers foil robbery and almost lynch a thief in Tláhuac

Public transport users lincharon to a criminal who climbed into a pesero next to two other subjects to steal it in the Tlahuac mayor’s office. “Don’t let him go, don’t let him go,” the passengers shout as they subdue the subject and they beat him between several people. They threatened passengers with weapons The thief … Read more

half of passengers and revenues in Milan. Here are the routes of 2022- Corriere.it

from Leonard Berberi In two and a half months approximately 578 thousand passengers embarked on national and European flights to and from Milan, proceeds of € 37.8 million Almost half of the passengers and revenues in the first two and a half months of Ita Airways activity recorded them at Linate airport. Numbers that on … Read more

Last year, 14.9% fewer passengers were transported on regional buses and trains

Among them, 17.02 million passengers were transported by buses, which is 15.4% less than in 2020, while 11.04 million passengers or 14.1% less than a year earlier were transported by trains. The volume of the regional route network or bus mileage last year was 72.8 million kilometers, which is 1.5% less than in 2020. Last … Read more

Public transport in Latvia is provided by more than 1,200 buses. The number of passengers has halved in two years. – Staburags.lv

Aizkraukle bus station. Photo from “Staburaga” archive. According to the Road Transport Directorate, a total of 28 million passengers were transported on regional buses and trains last year – 17 million on regional buses and 11 million on trains. This is 15% and 14% less compared to 2020, respectively, and 42% and 40% less compared … Read more

Thousands of passengers trapped in the middle of the Caribbean when their journey was canceled due to COVID-19

Por Minyvonne Burke – NBC News The Norwegian Cruise Line company canceled this week one of its Caribbean cruises midway due to COVID-19, leaving travelers trapped at sea until the ship decides to return to New York. The “Norwegian Gem” had a 10-day journey ahead of it, but was suspended and left docked in the … Read more

In Honduras, a passenger bursts into the cockpit

Photo: frame from video A passenger bursts into a plane in Honduras The passenger burst into the cockpit along the ladder, damaged the instruments and tried to jump out of the cockpit window. At the Honduras airport, a passenger broke into the cockpit of an American Airlines plane, damaged the instruments and tried to jump … Read more