Mozilla invests in password manager heylogin from Germany

The password manager heylogin, which comes from Germany, wants to differ from other products of this kind in that no master password has to be typed in. Mozilla has invested in heylogin. Password managers without a master password – that’s how it describes itself heylogin itself. While other applications of this type rely on a … Read more

Windows 11 will prevent you from saving your password in Notepad

There are many bad security practices that compromise us, one of the most important being saving passwords. Microsoft is working to improve user security and has introduced its own lockdown system. The update Windows 11 22H2 will prevent you from saving your passwords in notepadshowing you a security warning on the screen. Having weak passwords, … Read more

Twitter didn’t log out users for a long time after changing their password

If you changed your password on Twitter, you were not always logged out of your devices afterwards. This way your account could still be used under the old login details. Normally, after changing your password, all sessions should be logged out. This way you can be sure that your account is not accidentally left open … Read more

Using Biometric to prove identity in an era where our identity is easily stolen

Nowadays, you set up your smartphone unlock andappdifferent applications on your device in any way? Actually, quite believe that since different brands of smartphones have a function “unlock with fingerprint scanning” or “unlock by scanning the face” Many people also choose to use their own method of scanning these organs to unlock their personal phones. … Read more

Portaltic.-Microsoft turns Windows 11 computers into a “very unattractive target” for password theft

MADRID, 22 Sep. (Portaltic/EP) – Microsoft has implemented a new feature in Windows 11 that will be enabled by default to combat brute force cyber attacks that try to access user accounts by trying a large number of passwords in a short period of time. Build Preview 25206, available within the Insider Program on the … Read more

2K Games Support Department Hacked, Staff Remind Users To Change Password And do not open emails sent from 2K Games Support.

2K Games announced on Twitter. Confirmed 2K Games Support Support Dept. Hacked and Malicious Person Attempting to send malicious links to some users. 2K has issued a warning that do not open the e-mail. Or click on every link that comes from 2K Games Support if you accidentally click on a suspicious link. The team … Read more